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LFC 38: The time is now for Jason Sampson to show where he’s headed

By TXMMA Staff


By adding Octagon MMA training to his regiment, “Wild Thing” believes more than ever now that he’s headed to the next level


DALLAS, TX – At 32 years of age and with all his old injuries behind him, Jason Sampson (11-1) believes his time is now. The Oklahoma native turned Dallas area mainstay suffered through a rough stretch these last few years, fighting only once a year from 2012-2014 due to injury. The good news for him is that he didn’t lose anything but time during that stretch and those woes are now behind him. Jason is now ready to get going on a career he believes will eventually end up in the UFC octagon and it all starts with his next fight this Friday at Legacy FC 38.

Taking on West Texas native Joseph Sandoval (7-4), Jason will be facing an opponent with UFC experience. To him, his opponent is a barometer for future success and someone that’s in the way of his future. As is such he’s taking him seriously and has equipped himself with some added training to ensure his victory.

Read on to learn more about his preparations:


Legacy FC 38 Pre-Fight Interview – Jason Sampson


Fight-Game-1-778Jason, how does it feel to be fighting this Friday at Legacy FC 38?

It feels great. You know, I actually fought for Mick (Maynard, LFC Owner) in the past. It was my last amateur fight for Lonestar Beatdown (now Legacy Amateur Series).  I’ve gotten to see Mick grow over the years and I’ve grown and now I’m fighting for him as a professional. It’s really great, especially now that I’m fighting with all my teammates from Octagon MMA.

Having won your last three fights and coming back successfully from injury last year, it sure seems like you’re on your way up. Where’s your mind at this stage in your career?

I’m in a great place right now. I’m mentally strong, I have great coaches and I’m working really hard to get better every day.  My mind is set on one thing and that’s making my dreams come true and taking my career to the next level.  I always take it one fight at a time, I’m staying focused, my training is on point, and it’s great to be back.

Now training at Octagon MMA is a recent thing for you right? What’s it been like over there?

It’s been great. I am surrounded by beasts, we all respect each other, there’s no egos and we all make each other better. I’m blessed to be a part of the group. Everyone brings something to the table at Octagon and that’s why everyone improves. It’s really a great team to be a part of.  Everybody works their ass off there. We are all loyal to each other and it starts from the top with coach Sayif (Saud). Coach (Allen) Mohler will always be my jiu-jitsu coach and I’m grateful to have them both in my corner.

What do you know about your next opponent, Joseph Sandoval? Does he concern you in any way>

I know that he’s a standup guy but he doesn’t concern me one bit.  I don’t look past anyone, I respect him, but I’m going to stick to the game plan and win. I will have my hand raised on February 13th. I don’t predict my fights but I will finish him.

So let’s say you win this fight. What’s the main goal for the rest of 2015?

My main goal is to stay healthy, stay busy, keep on winning, and continue training my weaknesses to become a true mixed martial artist. Hard work pays off and I plan on getting better with each fight and making my dreams come true.

Sounds like a plan. Anybody you want to thank before you hit the cage on Friday?

I want to thank my wife Susan Sampson for being my number 1 fan and having my back because I couldn’t do this without her. And that’s especially now that I’m dropping to 125 <laughs>.  Thank you to my coaches, my BJJ coach Allen Mohler, my MMA coach Sayif Saud and my strength and conditioning coach Dan Cross and thanks to all my teammates.  Thank you to my dad, my family, friends, and students for their support and believing in me.  KO Reps and my sponsors, Dethrone, CryoUSA, Texas Sports Hyberbarics, Watkins Mortgage, Camp Hero Fitness, Comfort Technologies, Icon Meals, Build My Scores, Christopher Grace Custom Homes and Add All Electric.  And thanks TXMMA for the interview.