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LFC 38: Tristan Grimsley gives no #%&’s about how dangerous his opponent is

By TXMMA Staff // Dez Moore


Mohler MMA trained fighter light on attitude before the fight but plans on bringing it like a true honey badger once the doors are locked


* Before you read this TXMMA encourages you on behalf of Tristan Grimsley to read the following narration as UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Also, he would like for it to be known he only pooped once during this interview.


12342_10202215451180744_1576968762_nDALLAS, TX – Great things start from humble beginnings and Tristan “The Terminator” Grimsley (5-4) is aiming to prove that when he takes on Octagon MMA’s George Pacurariu (8-3) at Legacy Fighting Championship 38.

Currently working as a janitor, Grimsley uses a memory from one of his days on the job to motivate him daily.

“I work as a janitor and I remember seeing a Muhammad Ali calendar over someone’s desk. Every month has a photo and some inspirational quote. One of the months, December I think, had the quote ‘Champions don’t take out the garbage.’ This has stuck with me since I saw it and I made it my goal to win this fight and all other fighters leading up to a title belt so I can one day show that even men of humble beginnings can accomplish great things.”

Training out of Mohler MMA, Grimsley believes he has a great team behind him and they will help him achieve victory at Legacy Fighting Championship 38.

“I train primarily out of Mohler MMA, but I jump around a bit to fit my schedule and needs. Allen Mohler has always been cool and supportive of our cross training as needed. William Campuzano is my main coach and some of my training partners include Eliazar Rodriquez, Jesse Garza, Mathew Hunt, Brett Bosler, Amber Stautzenberger, and Jinh Yu Frey.”

Grimsley is a very light-hearted person, but has made it clear that inside the cage he has some violent aspirations.

“I respect my opponent. He is dangerous and being paid good money to try and hurt me. This leads me to want to finish him. I want to make it known who my next opponent is. I have a list and one at a time I will take them out.”

“The Terminator” is nearing the end of his training camp for his tenth fight. When asked about any nerves for his upcoming fight Grimsley shot that down as any killer cyborg would do.

“This is my tenth professional MMA fight. That was somewhere quoted to me as being the magic number where you feel your best.”

Grimsley will look to channel his inner terminator and bring out every weapon possible as he stands across the cage from Pacurariu at Legacy Fighting Championship 38.

Fighter Acknowledgements

I want to thank the gods, old and new. I want to thank all of my teammates and training partners as well as my sponsors Sport Nutrition 1, Core Physical Medicine, Stefania with Therapeutic Body Works, Steve Pena with IMVP Building Solutions, Dr. Glenn Vo with Denton Smiles Dentistry, Michael Brown with Team Arise, and the man the myth the legendary mythical man-beast Fritz f#%){n Fowler!

Also, if the Allen Americans want to throw me an Aaron Gens (@Gensey5) jersey I won’t argue.

– Tristan Grimsley