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Lubbock’s Joseph Sandoval refuses to be outworked at Legacy FC 38

By TXMMA Staff // Emil Fischer


Lubbock-based UFC vet looking to dictate the pace versus his LFC 38 opponent, Jason Sampson


Legacy Fighting Championship 16 by Mike CalimbasLUBBOCK, TX – A talented bantamweight, Joseph Sandoval is stepping back into the cage on Friday, February 13th at Legacy FC 38.  With a record of 7-4, Sandoval is no stranger to professional MMA.  More importantly, he was on a tear with 6 wins, before experiencing 4 losses, the first two of which were in the UFC.  Coming off of his win on August 23, 2013 at Legacy FC 22, Sandoval is stepping back into the ring to face off against a tough opponent, Jason Sampson.  Sandoval is looking to reestablish himself and climb back to the top.

A look at Sandoval’s record shows a strong proclivity for striking, specifically boxing.  “I grew up a boxer, and watching boxing with my grandfather. We were big on De La Hoya and Fernando Vargas. I thought that if anything that’s what I was gonna go and do. Still have that dream, but for some reason MMA did call out to me and my career led me this way, but I know one day I’ll make my grandfather and grandmother happy being the champ of an organization in boxing. They’re proud of me anyways but I know that would make them happy, and I’ll keep doing this MMA thing for my family and friends cause my success is OUR success here at home.”  The Lubbock, TX based fighter has won 3 of his 7 victories by KO, one by submission and 3 by decision.

Sandoval also values the merit of outworking his opponents “I wanna out work him where ever the fight takes me.”  As for his training strategy “I plan on staying where I’m at and not over analyze my opponent. That was the problem I was having. I was trying to anticipate what he was doing before he did it.”  Very often fighters find themselves in a rut of trying to address what the other person might do rather than focusing on what they themselves want to do, thus preventing them from dictating their pace and their game on the fight.  Sandoval is ready to dictate that pace.  “I’ll always try to finish a fight early. No real game plan for him (Sampson) just keep the fight standing or get it back up.”

Apart from a career in boxing, Sandoval intends on reestablishing himself in the ranks of the UFC “It will happen. If it’s this year or next as a replacement or however it happens. Ill be there and pray I make waves in the flyweight division.”

With MMA and the rigors of “normal” life, Sandoval is a busy man with a lot on his plate “My full time job is at Home Depot. I do tattoos on the side, when I have time.  I hope to have another fight lined up for April. And I’m getting married in May. So I’ll be busy till then. After I get back from my honeymoon wherever we go I hope to get at least 2-3 more fights before the year ends.”

Joseph Sandoval is going to be a fighter to watch in 2015, his early career was a show of dominance and greatness, and if he has the poise and focus of those early days he will be a force to be reckoned with “Well that’s it thanks for everything. Just thanks to my family friends and fans. My beautiful wife and my beautiful kids. Coach and management.”