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Luis Luna: “I am going in there with one plan, to whoop ass”

By TXMMA Staff // Dez Moore // Photo by Steven Tippett


The fighting pride of Seminole, TX seeks third straight win in 24/7 Entertainment 17 co-main event


Luis Luna (9-4) plans to keep his game plan simple once he enters the cage this Saturday at 24/7 Entertainment 17 – Tyranny in Midland, Texas.

“I am going in there with one plan, to whoop ass,” Luna said. “My opponent has some holes in his game and I plan to find them.”

Luna will be featured in the co-main event at 24/7 Entertainment 17 – Tyranny against another Texas fighter who has quite a few fights on his record. Even though Luna admits to not knowing much about his opponent he is excited for the opportunity to fight.

“I am fighting Chris Brooks,” Luna said. “I do not know a lot about him. I got asked if I wanted to fight a few weeks back and I have really wanted to fight so now I am here ready to fight him.”

Not a fan of making predictions for his fights, Luna has only one prediction for his co-main event fight this weekend.

“I predict I am going to show up ready to fight,” Luna said. “You can never really count on anything in a fight.”

Originally from Seminole, Texas, Luna found his way to Odessa, Texas, where he discovered MMA and began training to “whoop ass”.

“I train at Warrior Elite, out of the Fitness Elite Gym. We train everything here,” Luna said. “My record is pretty even all around so you could say I just like to whoop ass no specific way just whatever way works.”

Always looking for a way to compete, Luna was first introduced to the idea of MMA fighting while training for a boxing match by some of his teammates.

“I have always liked to compete,” Luna said. “I was getting ready for a boxing match and I got asked by some of the guys at my gym if I was interested in cage fighting. That is pretty much how it happened.”

Now MMA plays a big part in Luna’s life and has brought improvements to his life that he is very grateful for.

“MMA has brought me closer to my family and friends around the west Texas area,” Luna said. “If I did not have MMA I would probably be here in the oilfields a littler further than I am now but probably far away.”

Outside of MMA, Luna describes himself as a simple but exciting guy who considers himself a motorcycle enthusiast.

“I like to fight, ride motorcycles, and anything that sounds exciting. I am just trying to live.” Luna said.

24/7 Entertainment 17 – Tyranny will be held on September 6th, 2014 in Midland, Texas at the Midland Center. 24/7 Entertainment will also be hosting an amateur event earlier in the day, 24/7 Entertainment XVI: Injustice.

“Show up for the amateur show to see my cousin Carlos Villalva put on a show then later on I will be fighting,” Luna said. “Two shows one price. Come support.”

Fighter Acknowledgements

I would like to thank my gym, Fitness Elite, for giving me a place to train. My other gyms, Jackson’s MMA and Lutrell’s MMA in New Mexico could not make it for this fight, but I plan on going back soon. I want to thank Total Nutrition for all of the help and awesome supplements. They are the best out there. I want to also thank my family and friends for always showing love no matter where in my career I am.