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Metamoris 4 – Complete Match Results and Event Recap

By TXMMA STAFF // Photos: Scott Hirano and James Law c/o Metamoris


Galvao taps Sonnen, Josh Barnett surprises with submission over Lister at Metamoris 4


LOS ANGELES, CA, August 10, 2014 – LA’s Petersen Automotive Museum played host to Metamoris 4 this past Saturday, August 9th. Capitalizing on past publicity, the event looked to draw more viewers outside of those that train BJJ with this one. The lineup included several MMA fighters including former UFC heavyweight champ Josh Barnett and the super popular Chael Sonnen. Both fighters tested themselves against two of the top submission grapplers in the world as part of the six-fight internet PPV card.

Check out our brief play-by-play of all the matchups below.


Metamoris 4 – Complete Match Results


Andre Galvao vs. Chael Sonnen

426009_805872139433305_322156150887489943_nIn perhaps the most interesting Metamoris main event matchup planned to date, Andre Galvao took on Chael Sonnen. As a two-division title contender in the UFC and the biggest showman in MMA, Sonnen has drawn in plenty of fans in MMA. Grappling however is a different story when it comes to skill sets and in this one he was entering Galvao’s world. Not many gave him a chance against the multiple-time world champ in the 20 minute super fight. Surprisingly he did better than expected.

Refusing to pull a Brendan Schaub, Sonnen was aggressive from the get-go, immediately going for a low single leg takedown and achieving it. Galvao was content to work from his guard for the majority of the match. Sonnen was conservative in his approach and for didn’t leave anything for Galvao in the first half of the match. The pivotal moment came after the ten minute mark with Andre achieving double underhooks with his butterfly guard. He was able to use that position along with a sweep attempt to transition to Chael’s back. From there it was elementary as Galvao locked up a body triangle, working for a rear-naked choke until the eventual submission finish.

Metamoris 4 Result – Andre Galvao over Chael Sonnen by submission (RNC).

Josh Barnett vs. Dean Lister

10570437_805821376105048_5464155810945416650_nThe co-main event featured the first ever Metamoris heavyweight title match, pitting UFC heavyweight contender Josh Barnett against legendary grappler and former ADCC champ Dean Lister. For the most part this was another match where everyone expected the “Boogeyman” (Lister) to dominate. He hasn’t been submitted in 16 years and Barnett’s catch wrestling wasn’t expected to pose a threat.

The pundits were wrong.

As it turns out “The Warmaster” was able to dominate the bout from start to finish. A catch wrestler well-versed in using his strengths to his advantage, Josh was able to use his size, strength, and technique to pin Lister down for almost the entirely of the match. Barnett switched from side control to north/south and passed Lister’s guard several times throughout the bout. It all came to a head with a pivotal pass in the waning moments of the match. From there Josh transitioned into a scarf hold / neck crank, forcing Dean to tap from the pressure with only 10 seconds left in the match.

Metamoris 4 Result – Josh Barnett over Dean Lister by submission (neck crank).

Baret Yoshida vs. Jeff Glover

10609442_805992116087974_5763807279559732640_nNext up in the “secret match” Paragon’s Jeff Glover literally stepped out of the announcer’s booth to take on veteran grappler Baret Yoshida. This was mostly a light-hearted affair with Glover employing an eclectic style including a willingness to give up position in order to go for submissions (heel hooks). The two basically flowed for 20 minutes but neither competitor was truly in danger in this one.

Metamoris 4 Result – Baret Yoshida and Jeff Glover compete to a DRAW.


1924372_806055322748320_4427679006103562506_nKeenan Cornelius vs. Vinnie Magalhaes

In a battle between two of the best ‘big man’ guard players in the game, wunderkind Keenan Cornelius would take on former ADCC champ Vinnie Magalhaes. This match was originally intended for Metamoris 3 before a staph infection took out Magalhaes. Kevin Casey stepped in and got heel hooked for his efforts in that one so here we are back at the original plan.

Keenan would prove to be the aggressive one in this match. He immediately worked to 50/50 and saught heel hooks and toe holds throughout the bout. Cornelius also looked for a triangle/armbar combo from bout but the Brazilian took himself out of danger there also. In the end this was offense (Keenan) vs. defense (Vinnie) for the most part but still ended in a draw.

Metamoris 4 Result – Keenan Cornelius and Vinnie Magalhaes compete to a DRAW.

Saulo Ribeiro vs. Rodrigo Medeiros

10570302_806108306076355_4556763846193039959_nTwo legends would face each other in the only GI match of the night with Saulo Ribeiro taking on Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros. Regardless of result the matchup was a dream one for old school BJJ fans and the two did not disappoint, staying through to their trademark styles throughout the match.

The two eschewed guard pulling for the sake of attempting to gain top control through takedowns. Known for his throwing ability, Saulo got a Russian tie grip and tried to drop for his Sumi Gaeshi but didn’t get it clean. Both men did get a few takedowns and also got to play guard at various points in the match but neither came close on any submission attempts. All in all, it finished as expected.

Metamoris 4 Result – Saulo Ribeiro and Rodrigo Medeiros compete to a DRAW.


10479045_806146696072516_3061548487658014894_nGarry Tonon vs. Kit Dale

The opening match of the evening between Garry Tonon and Kit Dale was also the fastest. It didn’t take the New Jersey native long to set up the guillotine on the Australian, finishing with the high elbow version following a short scramble. After the match Garry proceeded to challenge Kron Gracie for Metamoris 5 or MMA. If any of our readers saw their last match at ADCC, then you know that was considered one of the best matches of the last few years.

In closing, great event. More of the latest news on Metamoris forthcoming here on TXMMA with matches already in the works for Metamoris 5 – including Josh Barnett defending his new title against Roberto Cyborg Abreu!