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Metro Fight Club’s Aaron Reeves Prepares For Title Fight Versus James Powell at Cage Combat 13

© Mike Calimbas -  http://facebook.com/dslrmike |HOUSTON, TX, March 19, 2013 – Garcia Promotions’ Cage Combat 13 is fast approaching with the event set to take place at the Humble Civic Center this Saturday, March 23rd in Houston. As always there are a multitude of reasons (exciting matchups) as incentive to get out there and watch the card including a title fight in the main event as Aaron Reeves (Metro Fight Club) takes on James Powell (Fight Science) for the right to be called the next GP welterweight champion.

We recently caught up with Aaron to get his thoughts on his first shot at a belt.


Cage Combat 13  Pre-Fight Interview – Aaron Reeves (Metro Fight Club)


Aaron, you’re fighting for your first title this Saturday. Before we get to that though, tell us a little bit about yourself – in and out of the cage.

As a fighter I like to think of myself as well-trained, explosive, and very athletic, I’ll explain more on the 23rd. As a person I’m very active, and fairly studious, though i do Netflix way more than a full time student should. (In my defense they put every season of Scrubs on there and i was not prepared for that.) I’m also outgoing i.e. talkative and I’ve got a good amount of discipline thanks to training, the air force, and college. I’m graduating next year and hopefully someone will take me (to fight) pro because I don’t want to wear ties and what not.

So looking at your last fight (against Chad Martin, August 2012) I remember you ended up with a draw. Tell us about that fight.

The weight cut was tough so I felt weak and drained going in but I still performed pretty well. In the first round he took me down kept me there for most of the round, no real significant offense save my triangle attempt. The second round was all mine. I got the better of him standing up and nearly got the KO but he was tough and survived. I believe the last round all mine again. He managed to get a take down towards the end of the round but I up-kicked him and lost a point, thus my win became draw. Sigh, it still makes me emotional so let’s move on.

Okay so fast forward a year later. What’s your mindset like now?

My mindset right now is to make it through camp so I can eat a powdered doughnut once more. I realize that’s not what most champions say, but I’m hungry. I compete in this sport because i love martial arts, always have always will. I feel that MMA is by far the hardest and most competitive combat sport on the planet and i want to be a part of it. As far as limits go, there are none.

How do you feel about your upcoming 170 lbs. title matchup with James Powell at Cage Combat 13?

It’s hard to say, I don’t know him to well so I can’t comment about that. All I can say is I’m prepared. Training has been the same as always  – super ridiculously hard but worth it. I’ve never been one to act like i know what’s going to happen in a fight but I’m ready.


Video: Diego Reyes, Staff Videographer