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MTV’s MADE Looking for Wrestling Coach – Austin Area

MADE is looking for a wrestling coach coach between the ages of 25-35 who lives in or around Austin, TX to help a high school student become a high school wresteler. Interested Coaches should be energetic, charismatic, have experience working with teens in boosting confidence and also put safety above all else. Coaches should have strong credentials and be available during our shooting weeks. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please pass along this email.

If you are not familiar with our program, MADE is a two-time Emmy award-winning documentary style series where each episode focuses on a student or group and a goal they’ve chosen for themselves.  We want to demonstrate that with hard work, and a little help from MTV, any goal is attainable.

We provide the students with professional trainers, coaches and/or mentors to help them accomplish this goal and we document the process along the way. Each episode concentrates on the student or group and their story, recording the different stages involved in accomplishing their goal. Over the past ten seasons we have helped students find the confidence to try out for school plays, sports teams, run for homecoming queen among hundreds of other goals. Last season we were even able to help a student that was struggling in school graduate and acquire an internship. Our goal is to demonstrate that with persistence and commitment, dreams do come true, as well as the importance of the process of achievement.

We have filmed over 200 episodes, and since the series began airing in January 2003, it has received praise from principals, teachers, parents, and students as some of the most positive and uplifting programming on cable television. We believe this is a great opportunity for kids that have goals that theyhave yet to pursue.

Interested individuals should send me resumes and photos, to Keith.Frankel@mtvnmix.com

Thank you.