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Newaza Fights: Inception – Tournament Recap, Photos, Superfight Videos, and more!

DUNCANVILLE, TX, July 31, 2011 – Newaza Fights kicked off their 2011 tournament season with their inaugural Newaza Fights: Inception grappling tournament at the Bob Knight Fieldhouse. With the goal of pushing BJJ and submission grappling towards global standardization and perhaps even the Olympic Games. Brandon Quick and crew modeled the event after the rules set forth by the standard-bearing IBJJF circuit – with competitors weighing in immediately before their first match and having scheduled start times for all divisions.

We’re not certain of actual numbers but from the looks of things, about 200+ competitors showed up to participate in the tourney with Team Trinity taking the 1st place trophy and many other schools from the Dallas/Fort Worth area representing well on the day. Also a special mention for the Coach Justin Rader and the Lovato BJJ team, who came all the way down from Oklahoma City to achieve second place in the overall standings despite their limited numbers. All in all it was a great day of competition so congratulations to Newaza for a successful first event.

Overall Team Standings

  • First Place – Team Trinity
  • Second Place – Lovato BJJ
  • Third Place – Alvarez BJJ

Adult Divisions

  • Adult BJJ: 1st Lovato, 2nd Octagon, 3rd tie Mohler/NTXMMA/GB
  • Adult Nogi: 1st Lovato, 2nd NDBJJ, 3rd tie Lutter/Trinity
  • Adult Overall: 1st Lovato, 2nd Octagon, 3rd NDBJJ

Kids Divisions

  • Gi- 1st Trinity, 2nd Alvarez, 3rd Bushido/GB
  • Nogi-1st Trinity, 2nd Alvarez, 3rd Bushido
  • Kids Overall- 1st Trinity, 2nd Alvarez, 3rd Bushido

The event was highlighted by two impressive superfights along with an impressive advanced absolute division as the day’s top grappler vied for a chance to win prize money.

In the first, Daniel “Jacare” Almeida of Octagon MMA / Nova Uniao was able to best Rodrigo Pinheiro of Gracie Humaita / Pinheiro BJJ of by points in a match that included a long feeling-out process and some spirited discussion with the referee disputing the rules on gripping the pant leg. In the end, a well-timed takedown won things for the Bruno Bastos-protégé.

Speaking of which, next up was Bruno Bastos himself taking on a familiar opponent in Gracie Barra’s Roberto “Tussa” Alencar. The ADCC-bound Bruno fought for the first time in front a loud pro-Nova Uniao crowd and tried mightily to go after Tussa. The result of this match looked to also have come down to a takedown with Roberto coming up with the win.

Watch both of the matches below and interpret for yourself. As always, you can view many more of the days matches by moving to the Texas Grappling Channel on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe for this and all future tournament videos! Also, we’ll post a choice selection on Facebook later on but here are ALL of the day’s photos in our gallery for you guys!

Superfight – Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao) vs. Roberto Tussa Alencar (Gracie Barra)

Superfight – Daniel Almeida (Nova Uniao) vs. Rodrigo Pinheiro (Gracie Humaita)

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