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No Love Lost Between these Two: Cody Phillips and Austin Franks Share their Thoughts Prior to Legacy Title Bout

It sure seems like there is no love lost between Cody Phillips and Austin Franks.

The two up-and-coming amateur fighters are set to battle for the lightweight title at the rebooted Legacy Amateur Combat Series on February 18th in Downtown Houston as part of a card featuring three three-title fights at the House of Blues.

I recently caught up with these guys, asking them both the same questions to get their thoughts on training for their upcoming lightweight title fight and what they think of each other leading up to it.

Judging by what these guys have to say, fans in attendance at the House of Blues can expect fireworks as soon as the bell rings when these two hit the cage.

Your title fight is coming up in just a few weeks! How are you feeling heading into the bout?

I am feeling great. Never felt better before a fight than how I feel right now. – Austin Franks

I feel absolutely wonderful. My training is where it needs to be, my weight is right on target, mentally I am focused, and my game more well-rounded than it’s ever been. I have made the pilgrimage over to 4oz Fight Club to train and to be taught by the elite. Kru Bobby Perez is the absolute best at his craft. He and Jeremy Mahon know how to make and prepare champions. Training partners like Daniel Pineda, Justin Reiswerg, Jesus Rivera, Brett Boyce, Alex Black, Lee Higgins, Fadi Khouri, and David Harris have put me through the ringer in preparing me for this opportunity. I want to make my trainers, teammates, and supporters proud by bringing the belt home. – Cody Phillips

What do you think of your opponent? Are you doing anything special to prepare for the bout?

Cody Phillips

You want my thoughts about my opponent? My opponent is Austin Franks. He is arrogant, obnoxious, disrespectful, and seems to be an overall d-bag (opinions given to me). I have lost count of how many people I have been approached by telling me they hate this guy. He has been running his mouth about me and I didn’t know who the guy was until I was asked to fight him. He hasn’t gained respect from anyone in the fight community because of his immature personality. Other than that I’m sure we will be great friends (tongue in cheek). – Cody Phillips

I think he is really good. I’m actually training for the fight this time. – Austin Franks

When you picture the action unfolding in your mind, how do you see this fight going?

I think this is going to be a stand-up battle… Boxing vs. Muay-Thai. – Austin Franks

I don’t put much thought into forecasting fights because they are unpredictable. I have been trained to win, I show up to win, I fight to win. I will display what I have been taught by chief instructors Kru Bobby Perez, Master Scott Sullivan, and Kru Pong. – Cody Phillips

Any message for your opponent going into the bout?

Austin Franks (pictured on the right)

Trying to piss me off shows your ignorance. – Cody Phillips

I can’t wait to fight you. If you think this is going to be easy you have another thing coming. – Austin Franks

What’s next for you after this bout?

Next: I only have thoughts of beating Austin Franks at this moment. One round at a time. On February 19th I can answer that question more sincerely. – Cody Phillips

I want the Cage Combat belt, then the Ringside belt. I also would like to do the MS-150. – Austin Franks

Any message for your fans prior to the fight?

I love all of you. Thanks for all the love and support. Thanks to my mom and dad. Thanks OG Boxing Peanut, Jake, Coach Danny. Thanks Cesar Martinez, Noey Martinez, Rusty McShan, Antonio Flores. A big Thanks to Gracie North Houston, Chad Robo, Todd Moore, Charles, Alex, Levi, and everyone else who sparred with me and helped me out with kicks and ground work. I could not have done it without everyone. I love MMA. It saved my life. Without this, I would be lost. – Austin Franks

Huge thank all of my supporters. They have been out to every show in large masses and made a difference. My crowd of supporters are rowdy and love seeing a show. I plan on filling their appetite. I want to also thank my sponsors: YogaOne Studios, ProFormance Mouth Guards, Union Bar Lounge, Made To Win, World Grappling Circuit, TheCageDoor.net, Bam Bam Martial Arts, 4oz Fight Club. Thank you Mike and TXMMA.com for the opportunity to speak with you. – Cody Phillips