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Nova União leader Bruno Bastos ready for Texas MMA debut tonight at Twenty-Four Seven Entertainment: Self-Made

photo: 24 SEVEN Entertainment / Lee Hunt Photography

MIDLAND, TX, October 20, 2012 – Tonight’s Twenty-Four Seven Entertainment: Self-Made show scheduled for the Far West Events Center will feature a very special attraction with the MMA return of one of Nova União’s team leaders and the head of their Texas contingent in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Bruno Bastos.

We recently caught up with Bruno to talk about his Texas MMA debut and what he hopes to accomplish in the sport, his future goals in BJJ and competitive grappling, and life in general living out in West Texas.

Read on and get some insight on Bruno Bastos’ mindset leading up to tonight’s fight.


Interview – Bruno Bastos (Nova União / Rhino BJJ)


Thanks for talking to us Bruno. It was very exciting to hear you’ll be stepping into MMA competition here in Texas. Why did you decide to do this?

It’s just very simple Mike. I just like to challenge myself. I love to win and I do what I have to do for. My mindset is training to win.

You’ve won a lot already in the grappling world. Do you have any other motivations aside from winning when it comes to the transition. Will it be a different challenge?

I love compete. I love BJJ. I don’t need anything else to motivate myself. I just want to have in MMA the same respect that I have in BJJ so I’m going to perform my best and that will always be my main motivation. I don’t see the transition as something that will be hard. <y style is very simple and basic so it’s kind like self-defense for me.

Let’s talk about your fight at 24/7: Self Made. Who are you fighting next and how do you feel about your matchup?

I’m fighting Rick McCall. I think it’s a good matchup to see where I can go since he’s a very good fighter.

You’ve traveled a bit recently. How do you feel that has helped your preparation for this fight?

Well, I had UFC Vet Paul Buentello here in Midland for 3 weeks and after that I went to Bulgaria to train for 2 weeks with a UFC fighter by the name of Stanislav Nedkov. I had chance to fight there at the RPC Reload show and win. It was a very good experience. Once I got back to Midland I continued training and have my brother Rico Bastos with me. He’s one of the best BJJ players in the world and he’s helped me put on a good finish to my camp. I feel like training with these kind of people, only high- level fighters, helps me a lot. It isn’t about travel really but who you are training with.

What else has life been like since you’ve moved to Midland? Adjusting well to life in West Texas?

You know, I like the relaxed lifestyle here. There’s no stress like in a big city. I get to do things like watch a lot of movies, teach, and train. I really like that.

What goes through our mind in the weeks and days leading up to fight night?

I just imagine myself winning because I get be positive right? <laughs> I’ll have my brother Rico Bastos and my friends/students Brad Barnes, Clay Hantz, Loronz Marions, Sayif Saud, etc. I know it can’t be everyone but it’s good to be around so many good people.

How do you see this fight playing out in your mind? Any predictions?

That i can’t say but winning doesn’t matter how and what takes for.

What’s next for you after this fight? Any plans to keep continuing in MMA?

Well, I do have plans to fight more for sure but still have goals in BJJ. The guys around me know that very clear. I want to fight one more IBJJF Mundials as an adult and one more ADCC as well. After that I’ll have more time for MMA. If everything goes the way i want, maybe I fight one more time before Mundials next year. If I keep in MMA with success who knows…maybe i can make way for the major leagues.

Any last words before the fight?

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