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Photo Highlights and Match Videos from the Texas State Championship

By TXMMA Staff // Mike Calimbas Photography


Annual tournament featured over 1,000 matches at Austin’s Wilhelmina Delco Center


AUSTIN, TX – This past weekend featured the 6th annual Texas State Championship for BJJ and NOGI Submission Grappling put on by Fight to Win and World Grappling Circuit.

This year’s Texas State Championship was an all-day affair at the Wilhelmina Delco Center in North Austin. Starting with the kids and moving on to the adult divisions, it was a long day of action with nonstop matches across 14 mats.

The team title should be announced shortly by Seth Daniels of Fight to Win on their Facebook page. It should be a close race with teams such as Team Tooke, Presa, Pablo Silva BJJ, Gracie Humaita Austin, Champion’s Factory and several others all putting on strong team performances.

Likewise, advanced competitors like Kurt Pantle, Jose Portillo, Pedro Migliano, Jarrod Clontz and more put on a show as well along with kids like Cora Sek and Memo Rodriguez.

Team and individual results should be out soon.

You can catch photos on the TXMMA Facebook Page. Also, the complete high-resolution album from the 2015 Texas State Championship are also available for view along with print and download orders here:

Check out some of the photo and video highlights from Fight to Win / World Grappling Circuit’s 6th Annual Texas State Championship below:


Select Match Videos from the 2015 Texas State Championship



Photo Highlights from the 2015 Texas State Championship

TXState (1)

Chad Lutu of Champion’s Factory / GFTeam goes for the arm.


TXState (32)

Kurt Pantle of PSBJJ hits a painful looking kimura.


TXState (31)

Cora Sek is all smiles while executing her rubber guard game.



TXState (29)

This young competitor from Gracie Barra is full of focus.


TXState (28)

Presa’s Brandi Narvaez goes for the armbar.


TXState (27)

Roberto Jimenez looks to lock up the choke on his opponent.


TXState (26)

A healthy competitor himself, Jordan Burton shows true disdain for the pizza while working at his table.


TXState (25)

The kids battled competitively all day.


TXState (24)

Bastos BJJ’s Diego Almeida showed why he’ll be a world class competitor to be reckoned with.


TXState (23)

Prof. Pablo Silva brought an impressive contingent in his first big team tournament run with his academy.


TXState (22)

Estevan Martinez showed why height matters not with a strong all around game.


TXState (21)

A young competitor goes for the triangle and is looking to transition into a finish from mount.


TXState (20)

Emily from Bastos BJJ Midland hits a kimura.


TXState (19)

Francisco Rivera of Rilion Gracie Academy goes for the choke.


TXState (18)

Travis Tooke traveled down from Houston to coach his squad along with Jose Angel Llanas.


TXState (17)

Scary. ‘Nuff said.


TXState (16)

Chad Lutu and his young teammate reppin’ TXMMA to the fullest.


TXState (15)

Estevan snaps his opponent down to size.


TXState (14)

He’s not even mad.


TXState (13)

BQuick’s Alex Rodriguez preps for teaching BJJ in China by competing.


TXState (12)

Aurelio Gallegos is all smiles after watching his 11 girls compete.


TXState (11)

Jose Portillo controls his opponent in the brown/black belt division.


TXState (10)

“Deaf Grappler” Garrett Scott wins gold in his nogi division.


TXState (9)

A takedown battle ensues.


TXState (8)

Little girls showed their strength as well.


TXState (7)

Here’s an armbar attempt from a young competitor out of Presa.


TXState (6)

Brandi Narvaez and Hailey Cowan had themselves a great match.


TXState (5)

Ketra Bartek takes the women’s absolute division.


TXState (4)

Pedro Migliano hits the choke in one of the final matches of the day.