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PCG 21 – Complete Results, Photos and Recap

By TXMMA Staff // Felix Rodriguez


Premiere Combat Group starts their 2015 campaign with perhaps best show yet


SAN ANTONIO, TX – Premier Combat Group just turned 21 and this promotion is on the rise. San Antonio fight fans were treated to a fantastic night of Mixed Martial Arts on Saturday courtesy of Trevor Bird & Co. Their latest effort was one of the better cards, amateur or professional, in recent times. PCG: Cowboys Extreme Cagefighting 21 had a little bit of everything; the amateur card, which featured three title bouts, was at times technical, at times bloody and violent, and it was fast-paced and entertaining from the opening fight to the main event. There was a running dropkick; there were brutal knockouts, slick submissions, and gritty performances by hungry fighters who wowed the audience at San Antonio’s Cowboy’s Dance Hall Arena on Saturday, March 15th 2015.


PCG: Cowboys Extreme Cagefighting 21 – Photo Gallery



PCG: Cowboys Extreme Cagefighting 21 – Fight by Fight Results and Recap


155 lbs. Jonathan Jahant (2-0) vs. Michael Martinez (0-1)

The evening began with this short, but violent lightweight contest. Jonathan Jahant remained undefeated after leaving his opponent dazed and confused on the canvas. The fight, which ended by KO in the first round after a few bursts of striking exchanges, ended abruptly with a thunderous blow.

  • Official TDLR Result: Jahant wins by KO, 2:29 of Round 1.


185 lbs. Daniel Owens (2-3) vs. Luis Carter Jr. (2-2)

The second bout of the evening saw Daniel Owens improve his record to 2-3 with a grinding win over Luis Carter Jr. Most of the fight took place against the cage and on the ground, but there were some exciting, and some strange exchanges on the feet as well. Owens charged at Carter at the beginning of the second round and tried a Sakuraba-inspired dropkick. The unorthodox fighter had more shenanigans up his sleeve; he spent part of the first minute of round 3 stalking Carter in a crouched three -point stance.

  • Official TDLR Result: Owens wins by Unanimous Decision
  • Judges Scorecards – Carrion: 30-27, Calvey: 29-28, Crocker: 30-27


135 lbs.: Kaleb Petereit (2-1) vs. Carlos Cerna (1-2)

Not much to report here other than Kaleb Petereit hits hard. Preterit came, he saw, and he conquered in this 40-second affair. It was an unfortunately short night for Cerna who was literally left on his knees by his opponent in this Bantamweight clash.

  • Offical TDLR Result: Petereit wins by KO, :40 of Round 1.


155 lbs.: Danny Hajali (2-0) vs. Eric Wooding (0-3)

Both fighters got to keep the O’s in their records after some slick exchanges on the ground. Hajali and Wooding exchanged guillotine attempts before Hajali took control of the fight. Ruben Carrion called the fight after Wooding was unable to intelligently defend himself from a mounted Hajali who kept raining down punches.

  • Official TDLR Result: Hajali wins by TKO, 2:29 of Round 2


155 lbs.: Zachary Balderas (1-2) vs. Anthony Ivy (3-0)

Anthony Ivy is going places. The lightweight fighter won the first round handily and then overwhelmed Balderas in the second. Ivy showed dominant ground and pound en route to winning by rear naked choke to remain undefeated.

  • Official TDLR Result: Balderas wins by Submission, 1:15 of Round 2


145 lbs.: Jonah Gomez (3-4) vs. Jason Laubach-Lents (3-3)

Laubach-Lentz evened his record to .500 with a submission of the night performance. The mullet-sporting featherweight put on an impressive display of jiu-jitsu when he defeated Gomez with a beautiful belly-down arm bar in the second round.

  • Official TDLR Result: Laubach-Lentz wins by Submission, 1:22 of Round 2
  • TXMMA Submission of the Night


155 lbs.: Jesse Almarez (2-0) vs. Steve Ellis (2-1)

Somebody’s O had to go in this lightweight match, and it was Ellis who dropped to 2-1. Jesse Almarez put on a quick and vicious striking clinic with thunderous body kicks and cracking punches that left Ellis a bloodied mess. Referee Frank Collazo called the fight after Almarez followed a wounded Ellis to the cage and battered him with a series of brutal uppercuts from the clinch.

  • Official TDLR Result: Almarez wins by TKO, 1:05 of Round 1


135 lbs.: Julia Ottolino (2-0) vs. Dominique Gonzales (2-2)

This was the sole female match-up of the evening and WMMA was well represented in this Bantamweight contest. Ottolino and Gonzalez had a back-and-fourth affair that went the distance. Their fight went the distance after action-packed exchanges that took place both grappling and on their feet. In the end Ottolino remained undefeated with a solid and very well rounded display in the cage.

  • Official TDLR Result: Ottolino wins by Unanimous Decision
  • Judges Scorecards: Garcia: 28-29, Calvey: 28-29, Crocker: 28-29


135 lbs.: Corey Lewellyn (3-1) vs. David Miramontes (4-0) *TITLE

This was the first of three featured title fights, and yet another showdown of undefeated fighters. Miramontes made short work of Lewellyn after charging forward and overwhelming his opponent with a barrage of punches. Frank Collazo had seen enough and called the fight after 13 seconds of the first round. Miramontes is a fighter with a definite nasty streak and there seems to be no love lost between his South Side squad and Lewellyn’s Boojitsu. Miramontes is now PCG’s Bantamweight champion.

  • Official TDLR Result: Miramontes wins by TKO, :13 of Round 1


125 lbs.: Leroy Montoya (3-1) vs. David Waters (6-4) *TITLE

The evening’s co-main event was for the flyweight belt. The fight began with Montoya controlling most of the round from the top, and taking the opening frame. Waters would even the scorecards after trapping Montoya’s arm and threatening with a triangle from guard, which he turned into a beautiful sweep-to mounted triangle. The fight would end in the third when Waters took Montoya down and used effective ground and pound to open him up for a rear naked choke. Waters is now PCG’s Flyweight Champion.

  • Official TDLR Result: Waters wins by Submission, 2:06 of Round 3


145 lbs.: Peter Caballero (7-1) vs. Oswald Sanchez (4-3) *TITLE

PCG’s epic night of fights ended with a gritty Featherweight main event. Peter Caballero successfully defended his belt against a very game Sanchez. The Champ took the first three rounds clearly, spending large portions of the first and third on Sanchez’s back and dominating on the feet in the second. The fourth round could have gone either way and ended with Sanchez attempting to spike Caballero on his head to get him off his back. Caballero dropped the fifth round, but managed to survive a late comeback attempt by Sanchez to remain PCG’s Featherweight champion.

  • Official TDLR Result: Caballero by Unanimous Decision
  • Judges Scorecards: Collazo: 48-47, Calvey: 48-47, Crocker: 49-46


In addition to providing a great night of top-to-bottom action, it is worth noting that PCG used a portion of their ticket sales in support of a good cause. At the end of the evening the Wounded Warrior Project received a check from the promotion for $1,152. Make sure to check back for fight videos and a full gallery of event photos.