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Previewing this Thursday’s Puro Combate 2 Event

Texas Cage Fighting is set to deliver Puro Combate 2 to area fight fans this upcoming Thursday in Northeast Houston. Highlighted by a KO win by a debuting Angel “The Chosen One” Huerta, the first installment delivered a huge KO with the Hispanic market. Billed as the first professional Muay-Thai kickboxing card in Houston, and with a fight card personally matched by Rocky Long, Puro Combate 2 hopes to capture everyone’s attention and not just that of the Latino community with a bevy of stand-up heavy bouts at Escapades 2001, located at 11903 Eastex Freeway in the Tomball area.

With Puro Combate 2 featuring Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing-based fighters, promoters James Gratz and Rocky Long hope to deliver something a little different to the Houston fight community. “Many MMA fighters enjoy striking and not going to the ground and this Muay Thai event is as close as it will get.  My vision for this promotion was to bring something different to fight fans and fighters and it is highly likely that one of our upcoming events will be Boxing.” says promoter Rocky Long. With a main event featuring hard-hitting light-heavyweight Ike “Hurricane” Villanueva against Daniel Gipson and co-headlined by seasoned kickboxing specialists in Lee King taking on Jesus “The Spaniard” Rivera, Puro Combate 2 may just deliver on its implied promise of bringing exciting knockouts to the fans come Thursday night.

I asked Rocky Long which fight he was looking forward to most. “I am looking forward to all of them. I brought something a little different to the first Puro Combate event by featuring female fighters and had such great feedback from the fans that I am bringing it back for Puro Combate 2.  I personally matched these fights and they won’t be traditional Muay Thai fighting but MMA fighters that have a preference for striking over ground fighting. These fighters will be looking for knockouts and won’t be dancing around the ring. I would like to thank everyone who has come out to support our events and to those who plan on attending in the future.  My focus is to entertain our fans with all forms of professional combative sports while giving local fighters the opportunity to keep doing what they love.”

For the full fight card, tickets, and more information on Puro Combate 2, please visit www.purocombate.com.