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Rafael Lovato Jr. visits Central Texas

By Mike Pesh, Contributor


Three-time world champion rings  in two new members of his association with seminars in Central Texas


AUSTIN, TX, June 19, 2013 – In South Austin and Killeen, there are two new academies that now run the curriculum of three-time World Champion Rafael Lovato Jr.

Fresh off his trip to California for the 2013 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships and Metamoris 2, Rafael Lovato Jr. made a trip from Oklahoma City, OK to welcome two new academies to his association.  After spending time with the head instructors of the schools, he delivered a seminar focused on his pressure passing system and highlighting some of his signature finishes.  Time was reserved at the end of the teaching for some Q&A. Participants inquired about Lovato’s training schedule, diet and expectations for his future.

Bryan Evans of Austin Submission Fighting welcomed Lovato and around 30 participants at the seminar. The students came from many other schools but all had past ties with Evans. The event was a welcome way to be brought into the family Evans mentioned. “This has been about a year in the making” Evan continued excitedly.  Bryan is a black belt and has a growing base of students from beginner through brown belt.

Up in Killeen two days later, Brown Belt Robert Tisdale of Strike and Submit played host to Lovato and all his competition experience.  In a gym open to the 95 degree breezy weather, over 40 people arrived to learn and welcome SAS to the Lovato family of schools. Robert has a diverse background in martial arts with Muay Thai and BJJ. “We are catering to those people that are looking for a place to be a better Martial Artist. Being so close to the (ARMY) base here, there are plenty of “Fight Gym” options.” He goes on to say “Our doors have been open for about 4 months now, our adult classes are great and we have a growing kids program” and their diversity in offerings will bring a diverse group of people.

For more information about the schools in this article, please check them out at

Austin Submission Fighting: http://www.austinsubfight.com/

Strike and Submit: http://www.sasmartialarts.com/

Here is a gallery of the seminars that took place at both schools – photos by Mike Pesh (Austin Family Photographer & Premium Jiu Jitsu Photography)


SAS Seminar

ASF Seminar