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Revolution’s Quentin Kiper looking to stay undefeated at Legacy Amateur Series 8

HOUSTON, TX, April 12, 2012 – Next up in our at  interview series is The Revolution Dojo’s Quentin Kiper. The Jeff Messina student will be fighting for the second time after debuting this past October at LAS 6. He is currently undefeated at 1-0 after beating Visuaksena (Shen) Castro by unanimous decision in his first cage appearance. This time, he’ll be taking on Metro Fight Club’s Eric Valdez, a fighter who’ll also be looking to stay on the winning track in this one. We spoke to Kiper recently to discuss the fight and how he feels heading into Saturday night in Downtown Houston.


Legacy Amateur Series 8 Interview – Quentin Kiper (BJJ Revolution)


Quentin, start off by telling us a little bit about you. How old are you, when did you get into fighting and why do you love it?

I just turned 23 on March 9th of this year. I wanted to check out the sport because it looked fun and difficult and I enjoy a challenge. I was always a good athlete but was always the smallest guy on the football field but managed to hold my own. I noticed I had good hand speed and strength for my size so I wanted to check out the two together with someone my own size. I love the sport as a fan and will always be a fan even when I am not able to compete anymore. I can respect any man that is willing to get into the cage and leave it all in there.

What do you do besides training and fighting?

I am a full time student and also work part time so my days are long when I have a fight coming up. I also have a mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis whom my sister, my brother and I take care of. When I have free time I enjoy shooting my guns and relaxing with my lovely girlfriend.  I also enjoy rapping and making music with my group BTH. I’m currently working on a mixtape “daring attempt” coming soon. Follow my twitter (@QuentoKD) for updates on that.

What do you think made you into the person you are today?

My life struggles and the influence of my mom and older sister have molded me into the man I am today. I am the youngest and my sis calls me the lil-big brother.

What are your goals right now?

Of course every fighter wants to make it to the UFC and make the big bucks but other than that I plan on graduating from college with a business degree and make the big money no matter what.

You debuted in October. How was that experience?

My first fight was against Shen Castro and I dominated the entire fight. It was my debut and I received fight of the night so I was happy about the outcome and I was able to learn from it, which is important to me.

How’s training going this time around?

Training is going very well at Revolution dojo and I have been doing a little cross training at 4oz fight club as well. I focus on staying healthy, making weight and a good game plan to come out with the W.

What do you know about your opponent Eric Valdez?

I don’t know much about my opponent besides his record and that he is a good wrestler coming from a good camp so I prepare in all aspects.

How do you expect to win this fight?

I expect to win this fight BAMN! (by any means necessary). I take what I know and implement it to the best of my abilities to be the better fighter that night.

Any last words for your opponent or anyone else?

I am pretty mellow man so only thing I would say is good luck and let’s put on a good show.

I’d like to first give it up to God for blessing me with the health and abilities to do what I love. Also to my family, girlfriend, and friends. Give thanks to all my training partners and Revolution Dojo and all who support me.