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Rey Trujillo responds to Justin Reiswerg’s TXMMA.com Interview Regarding their Upcoming Bout

In a statement posted to his website, Rey Trujillo recently responded to upcoming opponent’s  TXMMA.com interview regarding their upcoming bout at the Legacy Fighting Championship.

Justin Reiswerg, who had some strong words for the former champion, stated “I will be dominating the
former champion so be sure to not blink,” in regards to his January 29th bout with Trujillo.

Upon reading, “Tru” had the following to say:

I don’t know much about my opponent and there’s not much info on him. Whoever he is, he thinks he is going to dominate me. That’s fine. That’s what every fighter is supposed to do, go into a fight believing that they will be the victor and win but where my opponent went wrong is by him assuming that he will dominate me. It’s funny to me because I have yet to be dominated and the day that I do, I would probably be considering that it’s time to hang it up. He has no choice but to say the things that he does because I am the one with everything to lose that has built my record and career. I am one that is known in Houston. Well, I got bad news for the guy that thinks he is going to ride my coat tail and make his move off of my name. It’s hilarious to think that I will let this happen because it’s still my time and 2011 is going to be my year. He can always result to being a comedian when this fighting stuff doesn’t work out. (full statement)

“I respect Justin just like I do all of my opponents, but I don’t respect the way that he disrespected me.”

That about sums up what Rey Trujillo has to say in response to his next opponent.

One can intimate fireworks in the cage at the Arena Theater on January 29th if what these fights have to say about their upcoming bout is any indication. Known for exciting bouts in the past, Rey Trujillo has a penchant for has a penchant for getting into wars anyway. What does Justin Reiswerg think about that? “I welcome him to try and press the action.”

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