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Rising prospect Kevin Holland wasting no time in fulfilling his potential

By TXMMA Staff


Back-to-back fights up ahead for Fort Worth based prospect Kevin Holland


DALLAS, TX – One of the most high-profile and up-and-coming welterweights in tht state of Texas trains at Team Lutter out of Fort Worth. His name is Kevin Holland and they call him “Trailblazer.” Ever since debuting as an amateur back for PCG back in August of 2012 he has performed extremely well, defeating every opponent put in front of him. As an amateur that meant 5 wins in a row. As a pro, he’s continued on with that success, first beating BJJ black belt Marcos Ayub in his pro debut and continuing on to finishing his first four opponents at the pro level. And he hasn’t faced cupcakes either. His last two opponents at 8-3 combined and the sum of his pro opponents have a total record of 11-4. Suffice it to say, “Trailblazer” has plans for a bright MMA future and he’s not wasting any time in getting there.

In the near term, Kevin already has two fights lined up. He takes on sambo expert Ramil Mustapayev this Saturday at the Key City Chaos 2 event scheduled for Abilene and then turns around to fight Geoffrey Neal at XKO 27 scheduled for Sept. 12. With such an ambitious schedule, we wanted to catch up to Mr. Holland and get his thoughts on his future and these upcoming fights.


Interview: Kevin “Trailblazer” Holland (Team Lutter)


1002678_646793805375751_1907806337_nFirst of all, how have you been Kevin?

I’ve been pretty good. Working hard to try to fill all these goals I had said at the beginning of the year.

You’re 22 years old and 4-0 at this point in your career. Given your outgoing personality you’ve created some fans and also some ‘haters’ at this point. How do you react to that?

You know I would like to be further up in my career but being 22 at 4-0 is not bad. I enjoy the haters and I enjoy the fans. You know my family always told me if you’re a good person people will like you. I’ve always heard that if you got haters you’re doing something right also so at the end of the day the haters will keep paying my bills and for the people who like me, thank you and I appreciate the positive support

What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned thus far in your career?

The biggest lessons I’ve learned so far would have to definitely be that there is never an end to this business game. You always have to excel in the business aspect of your game. Also, don’t eat Taco Bell before a fight.

You’ll have to tell us more about that. What has been your toughest fight so far?

My toughest fight so far would have to be against Victor Reyna (XKO 26). He came in game for that fight. He circled well and on top of that I had the Bee Gees. This is why I say don’t eat Taco Bell before your fight. Also I would say going into that fight I was not able to move the way I like to move. It definitely made me eager for the finish but instead of looking for the finish I should have let the finish come to me.

So you’ve got two fights coming up with Ramil Mustapayev at Key City Chaos 2 and then Geoff Neal at XKO 27. That’s pretty ambitious…

I’m an ambitious man, what can I say. I like to fight. Having to fight back-to-back is the way I planned for it to go. After this it’ll be three fights back-to-back then 4 back-to-back until my goals are achieved. I’m not one to keep too much down time. Too much to do.

What do you know about your upcoming opponents? What’s your assessment of these guys?

The Russian (Mustapayev) is top level sambo guy. Then you have Neil who likes to brawl. At the end of the day they’re not on the same level (as me). I look at the fights as I have no choice but to win. The win is already there. It’s just a matter of making weight and punishing these guys.

How do you expect these fights to go when you picture them in your head?

I picture public assassinations. I see the belt being wrapped around my waist September 12 but overall I see myself with the better grappling, with the better striking, and with the better game.

What’s next for you after this? Let’s say you go up to 6-0, is the UFC in your immediate future?

I definitely see myself going 6-0. After I do that then I plan on taking every single title belt that there is for the welterweight division, from XKO all the way up to wherever. If they have a champ currently then he is officially the runner-up after I face him.

Any last words for your fans before these next fights?

I just want to let everyone know this game is mine and I appreciate every single one of you people.