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SCC 2: Operation Island Takeover Results – Fight-by-Fight Recap and Photo Gallery

GALVESTON, TX, November 12, 2012 Superior Combative Championships hosted a fun nights of fights and fundraising at SCC 2: Island Takeover. The event took place this past Friday, November 9th at the Galveston Island Convention Center in Galveston, Texas. SCC Fight fans were treated to a card full of great amateur fights in a family friendly environment that did not fail to disappoint. The event started with an inspired forms presentation by Premier Martial Arts during the National Anthem and each fight thereafter was packed with excitement from bell to bell.

The event also doubled as a fundraiser for war veterans who require assistance from trained dogs and at the end of the night the SCC gave the “Train A Dog, Save A Warrior” foundation a $1,000 check to continue their efforts in assisting our wounded war heroes.

TXMMA would like to commend the guys on the card, each and everyone showed up to fight and left it all in the cage, good job and we look forward to seeing your careers progress! If you haven’t seen them yet, Mike already has SCC 2 fight videos up and running so go support our local talent after reading this piece! Now here is a recap of the entire SCC 2 card, enjoy!


SCC 2: Operation Island Takeover – Fight-by-Fight Recap


Richard Berry vs. Jason Ener (FW)

The night opened with both of these young prospects making their amateur debut under the watchful eye of Jacob Montalvo. Ener opened the action after the initial touch of gloves with a nice overhand that connected and Berry responded with a leg kick and knees from the clinch. Berry took control when the fight went to the mat, he attempted to take Ener’s back that scrambled and shot for a single to stand up. With both fighters clinched Berry after standing up Berry ended the fight with a vicious knee to the face at the 3:33 mark of round 1.

Richard Berry over Jason Ener by TKO, RD1


Rick Gonzalez vs. Chris Rose (HW)

Chris Rose opened the action after taking the fight on just one day’s notice by throwing some bombs to the head and body. Both fighters traded knees and punches from the clinch at center ring with both men trying to assert their dominance. Gonzalez showed some nice head movement after the clinch broke briefly closing the distance to push Ener against the fence and then secure a nice slam. Rose would not be able to recover as Gonzalez would ground and pound from mount and back until referee Gregorio Alvarez called off the action after 3:07 of the first round.

Rick Gonzalez over Chris Rose by TKO, RD1


Eric Hendon vs. Justin Lawrence (LW)

This three round war was action-packed from beginning to end. Round1 was highlighted by Hendon’s beautiful single-leg takedown off the fence, an inadvertent eye-poke by Lawrence and some game striking by both men. We scored R1 10-9 Hendon. Hendon opened the second round with a couple of submission attempts and Lawrence responded with a thunderous leg kick met by the roaring approval of those in attendance and some solid GnP to finish the round. We felt Lawrence stole R2 at the end. Hendon opened the third round by bull rushing Lawrence to the fence. Lawrence would defend the initial assault, but Hendon’s slick clinch work proved overwhelming. Hendon took Lawrence’s back securing a standing RNC for the submission after 1:30 of R3.

Eric Hendon over Justin Lawrence by submission (standing RNC), RD3


Omar Soto vs. Kevin Courville (FW)

Soto’s takedown and ground and pound gave him control of the first half of R1, Courville would get back up at the 2:27 mark landing some good exchanges with Courville from the clinch to end R1. We scored it 10-9 Soto. R2 began with Soto looking confident, throwing leg kicks with his hands down until Courville secured a takedown. Courville would earn a 10-9 score after landing punishing grounded knees to the body and a brief flurry on the feet at the end of the round. Courville took it to the ground at the start of R3 following a brief exchange on the feet with Soto. Soto could not recover from the ensuing GnP and Gregorio Alvarez halted the action following a third round TKO.

Kevin Courville over Omar Soto by TKO, RD3


Ion Sorici vs. Josh Ontiveros (WW)

Ontiveros began R1 connecting with overhands, knocking Sorici down in less than 15 seconds. Ontiveros left himself open for a triangle choke trying to finish quickly, but powered out of the threat, standing up after slamming Sorici twice and charging forward landing some thudding body blows and securing a clinch against the fence. Sorici defended with hard knees to the body, which Ontiveros countered with a single leg takedown. Sorici used both fighters momentum when landing to end up in top position softening Ontiveros up with some solid GnP before securing the RNC in the final 10 seconds of R1.

Ion Sorici over Josh Ontiveros by submission (RNC), RD1


Josh Bordelon vs. Michael Larsen (BW)

Michael Larsen wasted little time securing the takedown in this crowd-pleasing fight, breaking free from Bordelon, looking to punish from atop. Bordelon defended well setting up a trip with upkicks, but gave Larsen an ankle lock in the process and got away with an illegal kick to Bordelon’s head despite his protest. Bordelon would gain top control after attempting a kneebar, but was swept quickly by a game Larsen. Bordelon showed good submission skills trapping Larsen’s left wrist and throwing up a smooth triangle to finish Larsen after 2:27 of R1.

Josh Bordelon over Michael Larsen by submission (triangle choke), RD1


Jaime De Leon vs. Paul Earls (WW)

This fight began with some leg kicks and clinch work after which De Leon secured a trip takedown. Earls would scramble up and show flashy striking that included a connecting flying roundhouse kick to the head and an uppercut that got De Leon’s attention. After having enough on the feet he caught a single leg and brought Earls to the ground to finish R1, we scored it 10-9 De Leon. Fighters picked up where they left off swinging wildly until De Leon secured a body clinch and took Earls down, gaining the back and securing an RNC choke to finish the fight just short of the minute mark of R2.

Jaime De Leon over Paul Earls by submission (RNC), RD2


Preston Anderson vs. Paulo Alcozer (BW)

The night’s only decision was a fast-paced and action packed affair. Both fighters gave it their all for the full fifteen minutes, neither wanting to submit and neither wanting to leave it in the hands of the judges. 17-year-old Preston Anderson secured his first amateur victory after a well-earned and hard-fought battle with Paulo Alcozer. Everyone in attendance was impressed by the toughness of this young man, who needed his parents to sign a waiver to allow him to compete. In the end all 3 judges scored it 30-27 for Anderson who won by unanimous decision.

Preston Anderson over Paulo Alcozer by unanimous decision


Derick D’Arcangeli vs. Justin Salinas (BW)

Salinas got the crowd roaring early knocking D’Arcangeli down with a cracking head kick. Salinas was briefly threatened by an armbar but controlled the action from atop until Montalvo stood the fighters up mid round. Salinas would threaten with a guillotine after being taken down and end the round with D’Arcangeli trapped in a loose triangle choke. We scored R1 10-9 for Salinas. R2 began with Salinas throwing confidently and smiling. D’Arcangeli tried taking Salinas down with a single, but left his neck exposed and was forced to tap after getting caught in a standing guillotine.

Justin Salinas over Derick D’Arcangeli by submission (guillotine choke), RD2


Brad Bell vs. Joel Rivera (MW)

The co-main event kicked off with both fighters connecting some strikes. Bell reacted well to Rivera getting the slight edge in the initial exchange by shooting for a single and taking Rivera down remaining in control for the rest of the round. We scored R1 10-9 for Bell 10-9 who opened the second round with a nice inside leg kick and then caught an attempted Rivera kick to take him to the mat. Rivera threatened with a guillotine, but Bell defended well, transitioning to mount before Rivera scrambled to his knees, leaving his neck exposed. Bell ended up earning one of the nicest submissions of the night, attempting a D’Arce choke first and then switching to a mounted guillotine when Rivera defended the first choke.

Bradl Bell over Joel Rivera by submission (mounted guillotine), RD1


Jeremy Hardy vs. Tim Buchanan (HWT Title)

The night’s main event was a short and very intense affair with both fighters opting out of the initial touch of gloves. Hardy began the first round with some crisp strikes and kicks, taking the center of the cage until Buchanan knocked him down with a right-left hook combo that connected on Hardy’s chin. In a surprising turn of events, Hardy proceeded to secure Buchanan’s left wrist and throw up an arm bar. Buchanan was caught sleeping with an arm between Hardy’s legs and was unable to defend despite coming off dual silvers at NoGi worlds. Jeremy Hardy wins by armbar in 41 seconds, becoming the SCC’s heavyweight champion.

Jeremy Hardy over Tim Buchanan by submission (armbar), RD1


SCC2 Photo Gallery



Photos available for prints on mikecalimbas.com.