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Silverback’s David Armas will fight anybody; Taking on Jared Chaffee at IMKF 3 this Saturday

HOUSTON, TX, June 10, 2012 – Houston MMA receives its latest professional MMA card this Saturday night when Jake Latimer and crew bring forth their latest edition of Immortal Kombat Fighting. This time around, ten fights are planned for the crowd that will be in attendance at the Edge Sports Complex in Spring, TX. IMKF 3 headlined by a heavyweight title fight featuring Dale Mitchell taking on Tony Melton.

The rest of the undercard features some longtime veterans and also some young prospects looking to make waves or otherwise pick up a win to include on their resumes.

One of those fighters in dire need of a win is Silverback Fight Club’s David Armas.

Beginning his amateur career in September 2010, the outspoken young fighter quickly gained a reputation for being a fighter who wouldn’t back down from a challenge – no matter who it was. After compiling a 2-1 record in the ammy’s, David turned pro in July 2011 and continued on with the attitude that he would take on anyone that came his way. Unfortunately for him, he has yet to taste victory after three fights. He’ll be looking to change that this Saturday night against Jared Chaffee, yet another highly-touted young prospect that has yet to taste defeat at the pro level.

We recently caught up with David to get his mindset headed into this contest.


IMKF 3 Interview – David Armas


First of all, how are you feeling heading into this fight?

I feel good. I’ve had to battle some injuries going into this one but you know we at Silverback don’t let that stop us.

Looking back, you’ve taken on some tough, tough guys since turning pro. Fights others may not have taken so early. Why?

I’m getting ready for the UFC and I’m not gonna be ready fighting bums. I’ll fight anybody that’s put in front of me. I’ve never chose my opponents and that will never be my style.

What else can you tell us about your mentality as a fighter? Why do you do what you do and think like you think?

That’s just me. I’m not scared to fight anyone. Everybody in this fighting game is human. They punch me in my nose it might bleed. I punch them in their nose it will bleed too so I don’t see anything intimidating in anyone. I may have only been training for two years but I’ve been fighting for a long time now. This isn’t anything new.

Fighting or not fighting – what in your life has made you who you are?

My life experience makes me who I am. I’ve been through a lot in my life. I believe that’s what makes me the fighter I am in the cage.

What’s it like training at Silverback? Tell us about your training environment.

Man it’s great. Words can’t even describe. If you come to our gym you will get the feel of a REAL fighting gym. I know we’re the best gym around and so does everyone else that sees us perform in that cage.

Do you think you’re better than your record indicates? How important is it for you to get this win?

I know I’m better. It was hard to take those loses you know. I really feel like I won. My pro debut I knocked the guy out in the first round and the bell saved him and in my second fight against Mahon I dominated on the feet and slammed him I don’t know how many times on his head and I still lost. I understand he attempted submissions but don’t I get points for escaping the submissions and everything else i did!? I just need to stop letting fights go to the judges. I’m still young and I have a lot of fight in me so I’m not worried about those loses anymore but I would love to avenge those and I would give up my purse doing so.

What are your thoughts on your IMKF 3 opponent Jared Chaffee?

I think he’s a good opponent. He’s never lost a fight so when I beat him it’s gonna say a lot about me. I’ve seen a couple of his fights and one he stood the whole time and the other he just took the guy to the ground. I know he’s a ground guy and it’s gonna be my toughest test yet.

Any predictions?

Fight of the night.

Any last words?

I wanna give a special thank you to all my Gorillas at Silverback. Especially my bro Jacob, growing up together and now seeing what a dominant force he is in the cage in unbelievable. Thanks to my boxing coaches Jesus and JT Mendez, of course Tony as well. Thanks to my bro JDF for everything he has done for me, he really takes care of me and keeps me in line. MMA GRILLZ thanks for the custom mouthpiece! Special thanks to Rick and Siva at babes for still having my back and sponsoring me as well as Cory and Dave at Drink Houston. I also want to say thank you to my mom and sister for helping me every day w/ everything that goes on in my life, without them, I don’t know where I’d be right now. I love y’all to death. See y’all Saturday night.