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TXMMA Special Interview with Former UFC Ring Girl Natasha Wicks!

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When it comes to women who have served as ambassadors of mixed martial arts outside the cage, few have ever represented themselves with as much zeal and enthusiasm as former UFC ring-girl Natasha Wicks.

Working for the world’s premier promotion from UFC 100 to the end of 2009, the fresh, fun-loving, and carefree Natasha remains an avid MMA fan and cherishes her opportunity to connect with what many would consider the greatest sports fans in the world.

I recently spoke to Natasha to get some insight on her experiences within the fight game and also shed some light on her life outside the sport.

From talking hobbies to philosophies on life, getting to know Natasha is like a breathe of fresh air. Read on and find out more about Natasha’s experiences with the UFC and more, including what exactly she thinks is the best advice for guys looking to land an awesome girl like her!

What’s up Natasha Wicks! Thanks for taking the time to talk to Texas fight fans via TXMMA.com. Have you ever been to Texas? If so, what did you think of the place?

Yes I have been to Texas many a few times! I drove through on my way to help with Hurricane Katrina, saw many a cowboy. Another time, I drove there in 20 hours with a friend for her family reunion. We went to Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and I experienced Schlitterbahn, the large outdoor water theme park, had a blast, and also went river floating. The last time I went to Texas was with UFC for the fights as an Octagon girl. That was the largest, most packed fight I worked!  I love Texas and the people that live there. Just bring a 20 pack of Dr. Pepper and some sweet tea to a party and you are family!

Most of our readers know you as a UFC ring girl. How was that experience working with the UFC?

I won a contest in Vegas at the UFC Expo for event 100. Out of thousands of girls who applied and the 40 who competed, I won and to this day, I am still shocked! It was a great experience, one that will forever be one of my favorites! I loved the fans, the fights were epic, and I am so honored by the following I still have even though I no longer work for them.

You and fellow UFC ring girl Logan Stanton used to be pretty tight right? What was your favorite moment working with her?

Oh I love my some Logan!!! She and I are truly kindred spirits, so chill, laid back, find humor in everything. I think one of the best moments (but there are many) I have with her is when we were left alone ringside… our octagon mom Leslie had taken Arianny to the restroom and we took it upon ourselves to go sign autographs and take pictures. Normally Leslie is there and she is slapping hands and yelling at people to “watch it”… long story short, we were mobbed! People were pulling our hair, pulling us toward them, grabbing and pushing and we looked at each other realizing we were in a real mess and there was no getting out of it. Leslie eventually found us and yelled at us for being so stupid… we just laughed. A close second to that story was when we went dancing at a gay club. For another time though.

Do you still keep up with what goes on in the cage?

Photo c/o Las Vegas Sun

As best I can. I work a lot and have a lot in the works right now. But when there are fights and I am unable to watch them, I get the results later and follow people on twitter that post updates on fights. I have many friends who are fighters and I always want to keep up with their fights. I always liked the UFC, but I can honestly say I love it now.

Who are your favorite fighters to watch in the UFC?

Oh man that is a hard question! So many! Okay I will just name my favorites. Brock Lesnar, Randy Couture, Urijah Faber, Kenny Florian, Anthony Petis, Rick Story, Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar, BJ Penn, Chad Mendes, John Jones, Clay Guida.. Gawd, there are so many… But that is just to name a few.

Going beyond the fight stuff for a bit, I want our fans to get a better idea of who are as a person. Can you describe yourself without mentioning anything remotely associated with MMA. Who are you?

Well… I am so passionate about life, living it to the fullest, and putting a smile on everyone’s face. I love the outdoors and prefer that to anything else. I love to surf, long-board, run(compete), sew, cooking/baking, anything art, dancing, singing, traveling, helping others, having deep meaningful conversations, watching movies… I surround myself with real, original, and passionate people. I am 1 of 8 kids, I grew up on a farm, I believe in love, and I look forward to one day being married and having kids. But for now I am pursuing a career in acting and also furthering my modeling career.

Just to get this question out of the way since inquiring minds want to know – Are you single or taken? What advice can you give our guys in Texas about meeting women like you?

I am single. I am about the funny. Anyone that follows me via Twitter or Facebook knows this! But more then that I am looking for depth. I need a MAN. Someone who can fix the car, who is not afraid of getting dirty… yet I want him to be well groomed and clean. I do not demand six-pack abs, but typically the guys I date are in good shape because they are active like myself. I do not have a “type”… humorous, good conversation, passionate, active and CONFIDENT. Confidence is key guys!!! If you go on a date and talk about how ugly or pathetic you are, we will think you are just that.

A lot of people don’t know that you used to be that you used to be a cross-country runner and athlete in college prior to showing up in Maxim, UFC, etc. Have you always been competitive?

I was Ranked 18th on the Westside of the U.S in high school for cross-country and went to NAU (Northern Arizona University) on a full-ride X-country and Track scholarship. Yes, I have always been extremely competitive, but never a sore loser. I felt if I lost it was because the other person worked harder. I love running, still do and forever will. I have played with the thought of training hard and trying out for the Olympics in the 10k. shhhh don’t tell anyone, I love that the woman who compete are still well into their 30/40’s… maybe, we shall see! I always do what I want and I never want to say I didn’t at least try. If it works out great, if not, either try again or not, but never will I NOT try.

With being a former athlete, you must be very health-conscious. Can you share some other tips or general thoughts on health/fitness?

Balance. I don’t believe in cutting something out completely. Learn self control and allow yourself a cheat day every now and then. I don’t drink soda at all and minimize all beverages other then water. If you can drink only water, except for of course your morning coffee, you will see drastic changes in your body. As for sweets, I have a huge sweet tooth and Sundays are my day of eating a desert. Even then I try and substitute bad sugars for good sugars and make it as healthy, but delicious, as possible. Always reward your good behavior and give yourself that Reeses if you want it!

You seem like you’re always smiling. What’s your life philosophy Natasha?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, or big stuff. This is your one life. Do what you want, treat people with kindness regardless of who they are. We are all the same, we all have a story and we all deserve to be loved and respected. Many people think that because I am always smiling that I am naive or have had a perfect life. Quite the contrary. It is BECAUSE of the life that I’ve had, that I am loving, understanding, and accepting of others. I have CHOSEN to smile, to laugh, to not let my past effect who I am today. I am not perfect, far from it. I have hurt people, but I have always tried to make it right. I want to better myself and in return be able to be better for the people I love and people who look up to me or who are inspired by me. We chose who we are and how we will react to our situations. I have chosen to be better than a statistic or be less then I know I am capable of being.

What can fans expect in the near future from you? Where can our readers connect with you from here?

There is a lot in the works. I won’t mention exactly what, because I won’t count the eggs till they are there haha but… some acting, more hosting, more modeling, more traveling, more with It Ain’t Chemo, more loving life!  Follow me on twitter @natashawicks or on my Facebook fan page. Only because my main page which is currently full unfortunately.

Any last words for all your fans here in Texas and everywhere?

I want to thank ALL of my Texas fans! YOU guys rock my socks and I would make an exception and drink a Dr. Pepper with any one of you, anyday!!!  I am very grateful for the on-going support! Thanks Mike!!! Peace/XO.

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