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StriKing 3 Pre-Fight Interview – Bebe Laced

By TXMMA Staff | Video Interview by Diego Reyes


Houston’s Bebe Laced Focused On Upcoming Title Fight; Competes for Muay Thai Title on August 17th


309180_431665673555233_292683872_nHOUSTON, TX, August 10, 2013 – Standing at a mere 5’0″ and weighing in at a lean 105 lbs., Bebe Laced (AKA “Killher Bee” AKA Bee Nguyen) may not look like your stereotypical female fighter to the average onlooker but she sure does live the lifestyle and has a mindset that belies her seemingly demure appearance – completely focused on achieving success in the sport.

Ever since she started training about a year and a half ago, Bee has practically lived in the gym. Whether its teaching, coaching, or training fitness clients she’s at the gym 6-7 days a week, open to close. As far as her background goes, it explains ever more about her mental makeup.

Falling in love with the sport after stepping into a gym (4OZ Fight Club) for the first time is one thing, but we’re also talking a girl who has lived on her own since the age of fifteen. “It’s been a fight” she says about those years growing up, having to survive on her own.  She draws parallels between that part of real life for her and MMA and Muay Thai competition.

“Surviving 3-5 rounds at war in the ring is similar to striving to survive life in my own. There’s one thing fighting gives me that I’ve never had. Having my team and coach care about my journey and success is amazing. Making them proud makes all the sacrifices worth it. Monday thru Saturday I’m at the gym either teaching or training. I never go out to eat or for drinks with friends because of my diet. It’s worth it every time I step into the ring, and every time I make my coach and team proud. My ultimate goal is to hold a world MuayThai title and a WMMA world title. I also want to open my own personal training gym.”

Next up for Bebe Laced is a Muay Thai title fight this upcoming weekend. She’ll be part of one of the featured bouts on the StriKing 3 Muay Thai card set for the Civic Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma – facing off against Oklahoman Levi Cristobal for the promotion’s junior flyweight women’s title.

Here are her pre-fight thoughts prior to the bout below.


StriKing 3 Pre-Fight Interview – Bebe Laced



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