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SWC veteran to face off against Hantz

from NorthTexasFisticuffs
from NorthTexasFisticuffs

Photo: NorthTexasFisticuffs

 SWC veteran Brandon Smith to face off against Hantz

interview by Matt Little

  •  What gym are you training/fighting out of?
     -Star Jiu-Jitsu is primarily my home.  I have spent some time over the last month and a half also training with some of the guys over at Mezger’s Combat Club.


  • How long have you been training/fighting?
      -I have been training about 5 years with the majority of it at Star Jiu-Jitsu.  I have only been fighting for about 15 months now.  The ground has always come natural to me so I have focused on boxing the last 6-7 months to help my game become more well rounded.  Overall,  the majority of my time is spent working nogi.  I spend about 20% of my training in the gi. 


  • What got you into the sport of MMA?
       -Honestly it was to lose weight.  I was overweight and out of shape.  I was never a confrontational person growing up.  People that don’t me well today that knew me growing up are often  surprised to hear that I fight due to my nature as a kid.  Throughout early  training, I realized that it helped build self-confidence and that I enjoyed it a lot.


  • What is your current occupation outside of fighting?

   -I work for the City of Frisco as a crew leader for the street department.  We spend all day repairing streets throughout the city and I have worked at this position for 7 years now. 

  •  You are on a pretty good streak of 3-0. How do you feel coming into this fight?
       -I feel very confident.  My record and experience at this point has helped fuel my confidence. 


  •  How has your preparation been for this fight?  Has it been different as opposed to previous   camps?
       -There has been a bigger focus on cardio.  From what I know about Clay Hantz, he has very high cardio levels so I have prepared for a war if it goes that way.  I have been training with different guys like Will Florentino to help replicate a taller, bigger opponent.  I’ve also worked with different sparring partners than before between  Star Jiu-Jitsu and Mezger’s gym.  I think  it will be very beneficial come fight time.


  •  It seemed like you and your opponent had some injuries that prevented this fight at SWC 10.  Are you healthy now coming into this fight?
        -I am 100% healthy this time around.  We were supposed to fight earlier this year and Clay suffered a broken nose shortly before the fight.  I also had some injury issues as well so it was  a no go. 


  • Without looking too far ahead, what are your long term plans and/or goals?
        -I never really thought about doing this as a full-time job.  I look at this more as a hobby that pays money.  I enjoy training, fighting, and the friends I make along the way; even my opponents.  I simply hope to stay healthy so that I can continue to train and fight. This is an outlet for me in life.