TXMMA – Texas Mixed Martial Arts

Texas Amateur MMA Registration is Now Open!

Registration has begun for TACSPI, the new Texas Amateur MMA Organization.

To join, e-mail your name and address to txkickfighting@sbcglobal.net. I will promptly mail out membership forms. Remember, all fighters, seconds, and trainers, as well as any officials must be registered. Fighters, you must be a member of TACSPI at least 30 days before you become eligible to participate. This is an AMATEUR program. Pro fighters cannot fight, although, they can be a trainer or second. Please read carefully both sides of the membership form. All information must be filled out and mailed to the address on the form.

Only you can make this happen! If you are a school, I will send as many forms as you need, plus extras! Frequency of shows depends entirely upon membership numbers. The more amateur contestants the more shows.

Let\’s get Rockin!

Steve Armstrong