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Texas BJJ Competitors Ready to Represent at the 2011 IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship

LONG BEACH, CA, November 4, 2011 – The annual IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship AKA “The No-GI Worlds” will be taking place this Saturday at the famed Pyramid in Long Beach, California.

Created in 2007 by the leading governing body of BJJ, the mundials sans kimono has featured a who’s who of the grappling world since its inception. This year is no different with Brandon Mullins, Caio Terra, Justin Rader, Pablo Popotvitch, Rafael Lovato, Joao Assis, and Cyborg Abreu all returning to defend their 2010 titles in the black belt adult divisions while a host of hungry and tough competitors like Rubens “Cobrina” Charles, Roberto Tussa, Murilo Santana, and many more are also making the trip to California to come and take those medals for their own this time around.

As for Texas grapplers, there are names a plenty competing in Long Beach for a chance at their own world title. Aside from the aforementioned Mullins, we count a minimum of five black belts from the Lone Star State alongside many others at all levels.

Those interested in watching the event can tune in to Budo Videos to watch the LIVE broadcast with live commentary from Shawn Williams, Caleb, & Budo Jake. They covered the Mundials earlier this year and always do a good job. Plus the event currently costs under $10 so you can’t beat that if you want to spend your Saturday checking out the action on the mats without actually having to buy a plane ticket to watch it yourself.

Below is a listing of everyone we recognized from the Texas tournament scene listed on the recently-released brackets.

Note: There’s definitely a good chance we didn’t catch everyone on this list so please comment those omissions so we can add them on and track their progress towards a 2011 world championship medal.


Texas BJJ Competitors at the 2011 No-Gi Worlds


Black Belt Divisions

• Rooster – Brandon Mullins (Gracie Barra Texas)

• Middle – Travis Tooke (Team Tooke)

• Middle Heavy – Jason Ebarb (TX Punishment)

• Masters Light – Alejandro Siqueira (Gracie Barra)

• Masters Middle – Marcello Salazar (Brazilian Top Team)

• Senior Super HWT – Mark Zuber (Nova Uniao / NDMMA)

Masters – Danny Alvarez (Nova Uniao / Alvarez BJJ)

Brown Belt Divisions

• Light – Travis Orr (Relson Gracie)

• Light – Juan Tatum (Nova Uniao / Peak Performance)

Purple Belt Divisions

• Middle – Jose Llanas (Team Tooke)

• Middle – Camron Couch (Alliance / Mohler BJJ)

• Deymond Stephens (Genesis / Avengers)

Blue Belt Divisions

• Light Feather – Jordan Burton III (Gracie Barra – Beaumont)

• Feather – Domingo Pilarte (BJJ Revolution)

• Feather – Joseph Sirju (Rillion Gracie) 

• Feather – Cameron Graves (Team Tooke)

• Feather – Emmanuel Martinez (TX Punishment)

• Feather – Michael Esquivel (Paragon)

• Feather – Daniel Ostrowski (Nova Uniao / NDMMA)

• Light – Michael Leal (TX Punishment)

• Middle – Pedro Migliano (Rillion Gracie)

• Light – Danielle Alvarez (Nova Uniao / Alvarez BJJ)

• Senior Blue Belt Ultra HWT – Clarence A. Simmons, Jr. (Nova Uniao / NDMMA)

• Senior Light – Edwin Lipsey (Nova Uniao / Team Trinity)

• Juvenile – Mark Delarosa (Genesis / Avengers)


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