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Texas Rage in the Cage 13 Pre-Fight Interview – Ryan “Superman” Spann

BEAUMONT, TX, March 2, 2012 – It’s fight day in Southeast Texas as Texas Rage in the Cage 13 hits the Beaumont Civic Center for what should be a fun night of action for the area’s loyal fight fans. Throughout this past week, we’ve spoken to a few of the fighters on the card – Joey “The War Machine” Montiel and Will Spidle.

Wrapping up our pre-fight coverage, we speak to one more fighter on the card that’s looking to do big things in Ryan Spann.


Texas Rage in the Cage 13 – Current Fight Card


145 lbs.:  (TRCAA Championship) – Joel Scott versus Ricardo Palacios

125 lbs.:  Will Spidle versus Joey Montiel
170 lbs.:  Kevin Johnson versus Matt Herrera
180 lbs.:  Dominique Robinson versus Chad Box
175 lbs.:  Ryan Spann versus Rick Martinez
170 lbs.:  Chad Coggins versus Rodrigo Martinez
140 lbs.:  Jose Ceja versus Javier Galvan
145 lbs.:  Tony Stolfa versus Joel Pena
145 lbs.:  Hilario Compean versus Sidney Cawdrey
206+ lbs.:  Saul Hinojosa versus Francisco Cruz
206+ lbs.:  Charles Rodgers versus Andres Garcia
205 lbs.:  Channing Birdlong versus Anderson Puryear


Texas Rage in the Cage 13 Pre-Fight Interview – Ryan “Superman” Spann


Ryan before we get to talking about the fight, tell us a little bit about you. What was life like growing up and what is it like now?

Photo: David Block, 88MilesWest

Growing up was different up until recent years with me having to live between 3 states. I grew up pretty much borderline poor in a family that still loved and spoiled me. I’m the youngest of 4 siblings by at least 10 years so I got almost all the attention. It was like growing up as an only child I guess. I wanted everything I seen not knowing we was borderline poor and mom worked her tail off to get it all for me. Nowadays, I know the sacrifices that were made for me and I haven’t forgotten it. It was hard and sometimes still is so I train harder that the average fighter to be the best for my family. I been blessed with all the tools to make it this far and I’m only 20 years old so it’s far from over. …so I got a long time in this sport if it’s God’s will and I plan on using it. I keep God first in everything I do. I’m very family oriented and fun loving. And I don’t like hurting people I’m just not “that guy” but this is a sport that I love and I want to be good at it.

How did you get into this sport anyways?

I got started in training somewhere around 2 years old through my older brother. He’s 10 years and 20 days older than me. We lived in Memphis (TN) where I was born and it was just my mother, brother, and I. My mother was always working and it was hard to get a babysitter so I was always with my brother. So every time my brother did something I was right there with him. When I was about 2 or so my mom had us in karate. And I have moved on to train in several different disciplines since then, following my brother. After I graduated, he asked me if I wanted to work out with him I said yeah. So he took me a jiu-jitsu private lesson and I liked it. The
Instructor told me he taught at American Top Team Beaumont. About a week later I walked to the doors and now here we are.

What is it like training with ATT Beaumont?  What are you doing to get better?

I have been blessed with the tools I need and the best team in the world (American Top Team) to be great. I’m looking to simply improve and evolve in the sport. …So I constantly study myself every time I step in the cage I want have shown marked improvement from the last one every time and most importantly use my God given gifts to provide a better life than we had for my son and fiancée. The fans should expect to see a better “Superman” than they seen the last time (at TRCAA 13). I plan to get the win and thank God afterwards, that’s for sure.

How else do you feel heading into your fight this week?

Photo: David Block | 88MilesWest

I feel wonderful. I have no nerves about the fight. I’m not worried at all because I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). And no weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). I know I got this victory. I’m confident but I am still aware that it’s MMA and anything can happen. 

You’re coming off a 16-second in late January right? What do you know about your opponent this time around? Any predictions?

I know very little about him but it really don’t matter, no disrespect intended. My training staff has been watching a little film and coming up with a game plan. But for the most part I’m going to go out there have fun and be water as the great Bruce Lee said. I just plan to get the win, give God the glory, and Thank my team American Top Team Beaumont then go home and be with my family. It’s nothing personal. it’s just business. God Speed to my opponent.

Any last words before the fight?

Yes, first and foremost I would like to thank God without him none of this would be possible. Also I would like to thank Mrs. Linh Berryhill. The woman that don’t get enough credit for keeping us all up and running from behind the scenes and also Sensei Mike Berryhill, Sensei Cliff Palermo, Tyler Reese my trainers and ATT team captain Cody Williams and all the rest of my wonderful team at American Top Team Beaumont. It has been said that you’re only good as the people you train with so thank you guys. Also I would like to thank my family, most importantly my mother and brother who have all been there for me literally all my life, through the good and bad. They’ve supported me in whatever I wanted to do in life no questions asked. I love you both so much. And lastly I would like to thank my lovely fiancée for supporting me and being there for me even before I started doing this. She is so amazing being pregnant and able to put up with me doing this. I love you Taylor and I thank God for you and my son.


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