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Texas BJJ Competitor Results From 2013 IBJJF Vegas Open

By TXMMA Staff


Texas BJJ Reps Bring Back a Plethora of Medals from 2013 IBJJF Las Vegas Open


LAS VEGAS, NV, August 11, 2013 – They say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and we usually honor that except for cases where BJJ gold medals are concerned. Then you’re supposed to run back and tell everybody so that’s what we’re doing now after a flock of Texans traveled to Sin City to partake in the 2013 IBJJF Las Vegas Summer Open (official: Vegas Summer International Open IBJJF Championship).

Check out the list of medalists below, mostly as reported to us by our Texas BJJ Community at large via our Official TXMMA Facebook Page.

Surely we’ll miss some notable performances but feel free chime in via the comments section and we’ll add them in as we get them.

Great job representing as always, Texas BJJ competitors!


photo: Saul Flores

photo: Saul Flores

Gracie Barra Westchase

Saul Flores – 3rd place (blue belt)
DeNiro Kelly – 2nd place (blue belt)


Team Ferreira

Carlos Diego Ferreira – 2nd place (black belt)


BJJ Revolution

Ryan Escobar – 2nd place (white belt)
Jason Casillas – 2nd place (purple belt)
Trey Reyes – 3rd place (brown belt)
Terri Reeve – 1st place (white belt)


photo: Alvarez BJJ

photo: Alvarez BJJ

Alvarez BJJ

Danny Alvarez – 1st place (black belt)
Danielle Alvarez – 1st place (purple belt)
Bryan Landin – 3rd place (blue belt)
Jordan Shepler – 1st place (blue belt)
Natalia Biasca-Shepler – 1st place (blue belt)
Nathan Hallford – 3rd place (purple belt)
Rob Crosley – 1st place (blue belt)
Rennie Crisafulli – 2nd place (blue belt)
Joe Gonzales – 2nd place (purple belt)
Miriam Villar – 1st place (blue belt)


Paragon BJJ

John Brink – 3rd place (black belt)
Alex Martins – 1st place – division, 2nd place – open (black belt)


Soul Fighters

Dave Smith – 2nd place – division, 2nd place – open (blue belt)