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Best of Legacy Fighting Championship 2014: Knockouts

By TXMMA Staff // Dez Moore


 Looking back at the biggest knockouts and TKO finishes in Legacy FC for 2014


HOUSTON, TX – Mick Maynard and his Legacy Fighting Championship crew had a busy 2014 hosting 11 professional events, expanding events outside of Texas, and the announcement of Legacy Kickboxing. With 11 professional events this year featuring 28 knockouts and 44 submissions there was no shortage of excitement. TXMMA has compiled the best moments of this year in “The Best of Legacy Fighting Championship 2014”.


Best of Legacy Fighting Championship 2014: Knockouts


#10 – LFC 35: James Warren (7-1) def. Jesse Chaffin (6-3) by TKO in Round 2.


One of the seven finishes of LFC 35, James “Whitey” Warren, sporting his red Mohawk, knocked out Jesse Chaffin with a left hook after a back-and-forth battle on the ground. Warren advanced his record to 7-1 while Chaffin fell to 6-3.



#9 – LFC 37: Sage Northcutt def. Tim Lashley by TKO in Round 1.


This was one of those fights where one guy is supposed to win and win convincingly. That guy was Sage Northcutt. From the very beginning Northcutt was measuring up Tim Lashley for the kill. He then threw a spinning back-kick that caught Lashley off guard, dropped him, and then proceeded to finish the fight throwing heavy shots to the body.




#8 – LFC 36: Clint Roberts (6-3) def. Lenny Lovato (8-4) by TKO in Round 1.


After starting his career 8-0, Lenny Lovato had dropped his last three fights all by TKO. Clint Roberts kept that losing streak alive in similar fashion. After a huge head-kick that dropped Lovato, Roberts pounced on top and finished the fight with a swift ground-and-pound. Roberts is currently sitting on a two-fight winning streak.


Photo: Tapology

Photo: Tapology


#7 – LFC 31: Justin Reiswerg (8-4) def. Jared Chaffee (4-1) by TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) in Round 2.


Justin Reiswerg became the first man to defeat Jared Chafee inside the cage as a professional and the victory came in interesting fashion. After some nice transitions and reversals on the ground by the BJJ brown belts, the fight ended up on the cage standing as Reiswerg held a ¾ Nelson and hit Chafee with a vicious knee that split his forehead. The gash was big enough for the doctors to call it.


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#6 – LFC 34: Thomas Gifford (8-6) def. Wade Johnson (7-1) by TKO in Round 2.


An action-packed slugfest was what Thomas Gifford and Wade Johnson put on for the Legacy crowd. It was completely back-and-forth between the two until Gifford landed a left hook that dropped Johnson the first time. It was not until after a knee landed by Gifford and continuous punches that the referee stopped this brutal TKO. With this TKO Gifford handed Johnson his first loss while snapping a three-fight losing streak.




#5 – LFC 31: Diego Da Silva (6-2) def. Alex Morono (7-3) by TKO in Round 1.


This fight did not take long to end. The 13-time Brazilian Muay Thai champion, Diego Da Silva, had put together a deceiving record as he had five wins before this bout, 4 by way of submission. Da Silva showed why he is a 13-time Muay Thai champ as he dropped Alex Morono with a huge right cross that caused Morono’s legs to give out on him. Da Silva went to finish the fight with some ground-and-pound, but the referee quickly shoved him off stopping the fight.


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#4 – LFC 32: Thomas Almeida (17-0) def. Caio Machado (5-1) by TKO in Round 1.


Undefeated Thomas Almeida added another one to his ever-growing highlight reel with his 15th first-round finish, a TKO over Caio Machado. Machado took some nasty shots the entire fight from Almeida and showed some true heart, but the heart cannot control the liver. Almeida threw a beautiful cross, hook, kick combo with the hook connecting with Machado’s liver and immediately dropping him. Almeida captured the Legacy FC bantamweight title with this TKO and received the call from the UFC shortly after.


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#3 – LFC 30: Holly Holm (7-0) def. Juliana Werner (8-4) by TKO in Round 5.


An absolute clinic put on by former professional boxer and kickboxing champion Holly Holm. Juliana Werner could not hang with Holm at all in this fight. Holm dominated Werner for four rounds before her perfectly placed kick to the head knocked Werner to the ground and secured Holm the first ever Legacy FC women’s bantamweight title. After the fight it was revealed that Holm had suffered a broken arm in the first round. Three months later, Holm signed to the UFC.


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#2 – LFC 28: Cosmo Alexandre (6-1) def. Rey Trujillo (17-14) by TKO in Round 1.


The former Muay Thai World Champion, Cosmo Alexandre, defeated Rey Trujillo with just that, Muay Thai. Trujillo likes to throw hands and aim for a knockout, but his style did not work well with the more polished standup fighter, Alexandre. Alexandre grabbed Trujillo into a clinch, threw an inside elbow, and then threw a hard lead knee to the face of Trujillo that dropped him to the ground. Alexandre threw three more hammer fists assuring Trujillo was done before the referee stepped in.


Legacy FC 28 by Mike Calimbas. Order prints, downloads, and see complete gallery at http://www.mikecalimbas.com/MMA/LFC28.


#1 – LFC 36: Damacio Page (19-9) def. Brian Hall (7-3) by KO in Round 1.


One of the best knockouts of the year in MMA was Damacio Page with a highlight reel knockout over Brian Hall to win the Legacy FC flyweight title. Hall started the fight very active landing some shots and dropping Page early on but not even two minutes into the fight Hall laid on the ground lifeless after Page hit him with a huge overhand right set up by two short jabs. After his stint with the UFC, Page has been on a hot streak winning three out of his last four with his only loss being a split decision to Marcelo Costa. Page is looking like he could be right on his way back to the UFC with another convincing win.


Legacy FC 28 by Mike Calimbas. Order prints, downloads, and see complete gallery at http://www.mikecalimbas.com/MMA/LFC28.