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The Story of Sampson – Jason Set to Fight Randy Villareal at Undisputed MMA this Saturday!

DALLAS, TX, June 15, 2011 – Dallas-area MMA fighter and grappler extraordinaire Jason Sampson is looking to do big things in the world of MMA. Currently undefeated with six wins to his credit, Sampson is looking to extend that streak to seven when he takes on Randy Villareal at Undisputed MMA’s maiden event in Amarillo this coming Saturday.

Building a solid MMA foundation in wrestling as a twelve year old, Jason worked his way up in the sport throughout his middle and high school years. Impressing the scouts, he was able to attain a scholarship to The Apprentice School in Newport News, Virginia. It was there Sampson became a 2002 All-American, wrestling at 133ibs against the beasts of the east. Not stopping there, Jason made a go at the division 1A level, walking on to Virginia Tech and wrestling a short stint for them prior to graduating and moving to Oklahoma City in 2004.

It was in Oklahoma City that Sampson continued to fine tune his grappling acumen after college by taking up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Working his way up to purple belt at Lovato’s BJJ, Sampson was able to win a the prestigious IBJJF Pan-American and World Championships at that level prior to moving to Irving, TX in 2008 where he continues to teach and train both grappling and mixed martial arts with Team Mohler.

“We have a lot of phenomenal guys here at Team Mohler,” Jason says. Training is going really good. I’m a brown belt under Coach Mohler now and he’s like a second dad to me. It’s good. I look up to him in every way and he also looks after me. I’m one of the head instructors here now and the team is doing really well.”

With a solid team behind him and also some other good MMA buddies around Dallas he is also able to cross-train with, Jason Sampson has now worked his way up to 6-0 as a professional, utilizing his strong grappling background and developing striking game to confound his opponents.

Seeing a future for himself fighting under the bright lights of the UFC, Sampson recently made the trip to New Jersey to try out for the 14th season of The Ultimate Fighter. Ironically, it was there that he first met the opponent he’ll be fighting this Saturday.

“I talked to Randy (Villareal) at TUF 14 tryouts. We ended up warming up together and became fast friends. He’s a nice guy bud didn’t make it past the first round, to keep a long story short. I found out maybe a week and a half ago that we’d be fighting (at Undisputed MMA). Everyone keeps on backing out on me so I’m happy to find someone that’s willing to fight me.”

Continuing on, Sampson is confident that Villareal will prove to be a good matchup for him at Undisputed MMA on the way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“Oh man, I match up real good against him,” Jason said when asked to compare their strengths and weaknesses. “He’s southpaw and he has no wrestling so I’m not afraid of him taking me down at all. He has good jiu-jitsu but I think I’m at a different level than him. I definitely think my jiu-jtsu is way better.”

He just came off the biggest win of his career so my hats off to him but he’s fighting me now and I’m way different than Zach George.

Looking ahead to this Saturday, Jason has no doubt in his mind what the eventual of their fight will be, which according to him is a submission or stoppage in the very first round. Still though, he can’t help but want to test his other skills against Villareal.

“I want to try and get a knockout against this guy. He is a real good fight for me to keep it standing and see where my stand up is because I know I can take him down at will, take him down anytime I want. He’s a game opponent for me so it’ll be interesting but I think I just have to be patient, be smart, and when he makes a mistake, counter on it. That’s it.”

Moving on, Sampson already has a next step in mind, remarking that he’s had a conversation with UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby in the recent past and would like to speak to him again after this fight.

“I talked to Sean Shelby a while back ago when I cornered my buddy Will (Campuzano) down there in Vegas. At the time, we talked about me possibly fighting Chad Robichaux or Edwin Figueroa. Obviously, those two guys didn’t happen and Edwin’s in the UFC now I think Robichaux is in Bellator so I’m just taking it one fight in a time. Weights good, everything’s good, so I’m just going to keep making my way there. Hopefully this Saturday I knock Randy out or sub him in the first round. Then hopefully after that, Dana White or Sean Shelby will give me a call.”

Sounds like a fighter with a plan.


“I just want to say thanks to my family and friends. Coach Mohler, my dad, my girlfriend Susan, and all my sponsors – Knockout Syndrome, Classic Chevrolet, Rudog, Add All Electric, and DOM Fight Gear. Shouts to all you guys. We’re going to be 7-0 on Saturday!

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