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The Texas Grappling Digest – September 2011 Edition

EVERYWHERE, TX, September 1, 2011 – Greetings Texas grapplers! It’s that time again for this month’s edition of The Texas Grappling Digest – Your Guide to the State’s BJJ and Submission Grappling Scene, currently brought you by Mike Calimbas and TXMMA.com.

As many of you know, we started this digest not too long ago as means to get our BJJ and grappling scene even more of the coverage it deserves. Through this monthly recap of the news and happenings here in Texas, we mean to recognize worthy organizations and individuals working hard to grow within the community.

Like we said last month, this digest will be limited to the events we personally attend or the verifiable performances we hear about. As much as we’d like to, we can’t be everything at once (even though we sometimes try). If you’d like to establish a relationship with us for the purpose of this column or have something newsworthy you feel should be included in an upcoming issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Now on to the good stuff!


The Texas Grappling Digest – September 2011 Issue



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As far as we know, August 2011 brought to Texas three noteworhty grappling tournaments for the month. It all started in Austin on August 6th with the 2011 Texas Open Freestyle Sambo Championship and was followed up by two tournaments on August 13 with the Texas Submission League San Antonio Qualifier and the Europa Dallas Fight World Championships in Downtown Dallas on the same day.

TXMMA attended one of the events this month, providing photos, video, and more for the massive Europa event that featured 855 of the state’s most competitive grapplers battling it out on sixteen mats of action. At the pace their growing, we’ll remember to bring a Segway to cover Seth and Brett’s events from on. Brett (Boyce), one of the event’s promoters, actually clocked the amount of distance he walked for the day and it was something like fifteen miles or something outrageous like that. As for me, I’m pretty sure I covered something similar – despite the fact that I was butt-scooting and shrimping across the mats at least part of the time. Here are the photos, videos, results, and more from that event.


Photo: Josh Steele | Alvarez BJJ


This honor would have to go to Alvarez BJJ for their performance at Europa this month. With 143 total points, they were able to win the event by a margin of 24 points over the next closest team.

Grapplers helping Alvarez BJJ attain the team medal with first place performances included Cooper Cardinale, Danielle Alvarez, Yasmin Soto, Rene Crisafulli, Will Davis, Raely Crosley, Jaden Twolance, Carsten Johnson, Lee Crosley, Parker Richardson, Taylor Parks, Eric Twolance, Marco Soto, Mateo Soto, Tony Lopez, Anthony Casillas, Ryne Sandhagen, and Jared Powell.


This is always a tough call, and largely subjective at that. it could go to any number of outstanding performers but this month, it goes to Marcio Andre of Octagon MMA and also representing Fabio Andrade back in his native Brazil. Probably weighing around the neighborhood of 150Ibs., Marco was able to win purple belt absolute GOLD at Europa over some exceptionally tough competition that included Brazilian champion Marcus Silva of DDR Jiu Jitsu and Clayton Sunshine Robinson of Triton Fight Center. Congratulations Marco!


This honor would have to go Carlos Diego Ferreira of Arsenal JJ out in South Texas. En route to winning both the black belt GI and Expert NO GI divisions, Carlos Diego had to take on super-heavyweight monster Jared Rosholt. Overcoming the size and strength difference, Ferreira was able to end the match with a vicious toe-hold. For that he gets the honor of our Texas submission of the month.

For more videos of tournaments around the state, check out the Texas Grappling Channel.


Again this is another tough one to call. There are plenty of names to choose from this time around – including Isaque Bahiense (Octagon), Mark Delarosa (Genesis), Darren Willingham (Full Contact), Jose Aguillar (Elite MMA),  Roman Hernandez (Gracie Barra), and others. This month, this honor would have to go to Isaque Bahiense for winning both the BJJ and the No GI absolutes at Europa.


Girls in Gis! The #1 organization created by women grapplers for women grapplers celebrated their two-year anniversary in Houston on August 21st. We were on hand taking pictures and caught this goofy shot of the ladies getting their choke on. Congratulations on the milestone ladies! We look forward to being here in support of Women’s BJJ for a long time to come!


We featured the following TXMMA Techniques of the Week entries this month.

Girls in Gis Two-Year Anniversary Edition featuring Ashley Nguyen

Eduardo Ramos of Atos and Elite MMA – Part 2!

Chad Kight of Sugarland Mixed Martial Arts

Carlos Machado – Sneaky Bat Choke


Aside from the opening of a brand new Relson Gracie affiliate in Waco (Congrats Chris Spicer!),  it was seminar galore this month with schools all over the state hosting some of the top teachers and competitors from around the world. Here’s a listing of who all was here.

8/2 – Royce Alger Takedowns Seminar at Elite MMA

8//6 – Roberto Cyborg Abreu at Genesis Jiu Jitsu Aledo

8/13 – Israel Gomes at Lake Travis MMA

8/14 – Clark Gracie at Revolution Dojo

8/14 – Clark Gracie at Team Tooke

8/20 – Sergio Marra Seminar (5 year anniversary celebration)

8/20 – Jason and Randall Ebarb at Sugarland MMA

8/20 – Bubba Bush Takedown Clinic at BVMMA

8/20  -Dean Lister at Rubicon Fight Sport

8/21 – Girls in Gis – Two Year Anniversary

8/26 – Octavio ‘Ratinho’ Couto at TX 3rd Coast MMA

8/2011- Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller at Paragon BJJ

8/2011 – Relson Gracie BJJ opening in Waco


September is chock full of BJJ and Grappling action with tournaments literally every Saturday of the month – and that’s just events currently on the calendar.

The first weekend brings the Texas Submission League’s Houston Qualifier to Revolution Dojo while the Grapple America USA Championship takes place in Austin. The following weekend, 24/7 brings the ‘Fight for Heroes’ charity tournament to Midland, TX in support of the Wounded Warriors Fund. Immediately following that, it’s back to Houston for Antonio Anderson’s Martial Arts Mania Fall Classic before we finally come full circle with the DOM Fight Gear Texas Open put on by F2W/WGC at the Austin Sports Center.

As of now, we’re scheduled to be at the Martial Arts Mania Fall Classic and the DOM Fight Gear Texas Open so make sure to say hi to us and get your picture taken if you’re planning on competing!


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Was there anything else we missed? Like we said in the beginning, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on so don’t be offended if we didn’t catch it all this time around. Shoot us a message before the next issue if there’s anything you feel should be included in October edition. Until then, we hope you enjoyed this month’s edition of the Texas Grappling Digest. Stay healthy and keep on rolling guys! Osss!

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