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Thomas Moreno hopes to become Houston’s version of Roy Nelson

By TXMMA Staff // Calvin Bach


Greetings TXMMA community. It is the areas okayest writer/fighter checking in after a long absence with an interview on the eve of the initial Dynasty Fighting Card. The team of Mike Bronzoulis and CDM have teamed up to make a solid card with some established well known names competing in a hybrid MMA/Kickboxing/Muay Thai card, to take place at the Greenspoint Mall on Friday, September 15. One of the fighters on the card is the polarizing and always entertaining Thomas Moreno, who requested and was granted an interview. Thomas, who holds a 0-1 MMA record and is a veteran of Legacy Fighting Championship, steps into the ring tomorrow night with fellow Houstonian, professional physique competitor and BJJ black belt Ugo Arimo.


TXMMA: Thank you for taking the time out for an interview Thomas. For everyone who doesn’t know you, tell us about yourself:

Moreno: I am “The” Thomas Moreno. Born and raised in Houston, Texas baby. A lot of people know me from my backyard fighting days. I was an undefeated backyard fighter before transitioning that success into being the manager of the one and only Clarence “The Prodigy” Brown. I then got into combative sports myself.


TXMMA: How many sanctioned fights have you had and what is your backyard record?

Moreno: I have had 53 backyard fights in total and was fortunate enough to have a 53-0 record. I have had two sanctioned fights so far. A MMA match for Legacy and a boxing match for Famoso Productions.


TXMMA: Who are you fighting tomorrow and what do you know about him?

Moreno: His real name is Ugochuckwu Arimoneyeotu but he goes mainly by the name Ugo Arimo. I know he is a former navy veteran, a BJJ black belt World Champion and a NSL Pro World Champion. He’s a tremendous overall athlete. I have seen his workout and competition videos and the dude is a beast.


TXMMA: The local MMA community is largely of the opinion that this is a gross mismatch that heavily favors your opponent. What are your thoughts on that, and was there ever a thought of not accepting this fight?

Moreno: It’s definitely a mismatch but I knew when I got into combative sports how the business works. There are tradeoffs. For example, he is a tough opponent but I can gain more respect, win or lose, from this fight, and my fan base and hater base grow. Plus, there is the financial side of things. More money is more motivation.


TXMMA: What has training for this fight consisted of and who is in your corner.

Moreno: I accepted this fight on late notice. My training has consisted of good ol’ rough and tough ground and pound training plus a lot of wrestling sessions to prepare for this fight. John Alejos will be my corner man for this fight. He is a big guy like me who used to wrestle and play football with me in high school. We train together a lot and I feel like he’s the perfect corner man for this fight.


TXMMA: Are you ready for a long fight if it goes to that? You have received grief for not having the ripped look of your opponent, but guys like Roy Nelson and Derrick Lewis with builds similar to yours have shown that abs don’t win fights. You are ready to go?

Moreno: I am ready for anything thrown my way. If I win, I am ready for the next challenge. If I lose, I am ready to rebound. If the fight is a draw, I am ready for a rematch. Regardless, I am ready!


TXMMA: Where can you win this fight?

Moreno: Submission. If his neck becomes available, submission will be the way to go.


TXMMA: You’re an outspoken fan of the true NFL team in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys. What happens first, Thomas Moreno in the UFC or the Houston Texans in the Super Bowl?

Moreno: Thomas Moreno would definitely have a role in the UFC before the Texans reach a Super Bowl. 100%.


TXMMA: Lets wrap up with any shout outs you would like and a final prediction for your fight.

Moreno: Of course I would like to give a shout out to my daughter Penelope Ann Moreno and my girlfriend Klarissa Lopez who gives me extra motivation and strength in life to keep moving forward. Shout out to my family, friends, and even haters. Without the haters, this whole thrill ride towards accomplishing future goals wouldn’t be as fun. Prediction for this fight? I will give you one. No matter what happens tomorrow night, I will walk out injury free and my combat sports career shall continue.


TXMMA: Thank you Thomas, and good luck tomorrow night.