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Titan FC 30: Cody Williams set for flyweight debut

By TXMMA Staff


Beaumont’s Wolverine still aiming high as ever in his highest profile fight since run in Legacy FC


1505218_608574312531034_1767402930_nAUSTIN, TX – Beaumont’s “Wolverine” Cody Williams is seeking to reinvent himself. Once one of the most hyped prospects around after turning pro in April 2011, Cody has laid low as of late, competing on the smaller end of the regional scene as he sought to improve a record that once had him at the .500 mark. By all accounts and for all his physical gifts, Cody was considered raw back then yet still took on the toughest fights they could line up for him including bouts against 2 current UFC fighters. Things didn’t swing his way at the time but one thing that hasn’t changed was his desire to keep on improving and one day make it to the big leagues.

“MMA fits in with who I am,” he says.  “I love to train and I love to fight and I love to push my body and mind as far out of the comfort zone as possible.  My fiancé and family give me the best support system with a busy schedule so it really is through them that I’m able to train to compete at this level. (Compared to 2011) I feel more comfortable going into deep waters.  My Jiu-Jitsu has improved drastically in the last two years and I feel like I have finishing power in a plethora of strikes but my camp and really this entire year stand up wise I’ve been going back to fundamentals trying to make each time I open up count. I’m developing more and more as a fighter and athlete.  I’m the caliber of fighter that belongs with the best in the world and it’s up to me to consistently win these next few fights to put myself there.  I know I can compete with the best.”

Set to compete at Titan FC 30 this Friday night in Austin, Cody Williams will be competing in the flyweight division for the first time. He’ll be taking on Abilene’s Xavier Siller, a young prospect who has built a 4-1 pro record including a recent submission win over former Legacy FC bantamweight champ Angel Huerta.

It’s a fight he’s not taking lightly. And he’s done a lot of things to prepare.

“I spent time in Biloxi at ABMMA at the beginning of camp; got a lot of good conditioning and Jiu Jitsu while I was there and also received my 4th stripe on my blue belt.  I also got the pleasure to meet and train with a long time motivator of mine Dustin “Clean” Denes who originally inspired me to just start showing up at Houston grappling tournaments a few years ago. Also Pat Head the head instructor at United MMA in a neighboring city to Beaumont has taken the time to come work with myself and a few others during day hours at my place and that has been one of the best things I’ve added to my training regimen. I feel great about this fight. I’m going to make him [Siller] pay for signing the contract no matter where the fight goes. This is a one-fight deal with Titan so I’ve got to perform. If they want to bring me to Tampa after this fight I’d be all for that but I have a goal and plan in place to get myself back into the right circumstances fighting in the big leagues.”

Fighter Acknowledgements

I’d like to thank the David a Michelle Howells the owners of Tiger Rock TKD in Beaumont and now Spitfire Boxing Club. Shaun Cole a professional boxer and veteran of our military.  My sponsors and support team that continue to believe in my mission and goal.  Check out Cody Williams MMA on FB and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @CWilliamMMA Huge thanks to Michael Sanford, Alan Belcher and everyone at ABMMA and Team Moraes and Spitfire Boxing Club. Big ups to JB Kennedy for coming to corner me freshly stateside from Afghanistan.  All my family and fiancé Rebecca Morgan for supporting my dream and my every day job. Diamond Wireless for not minding gi burn, black eyes or busted lips while I sell Verizon services! Thanks TXMMA.com it’s good to be getting back in the cage again! – Cody Williams