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Tournament Highlights from Grappling Games 4

By TXMMA Staff


Grappling Games 4 finishing off 2014 Houston tournament season


HOUSTON, TX – BJJ promoter Amy Rodriguez capped off another successful year in Houston BJJ tournaments with her fourth event held this past December 13th at the Competitive Edge Sports Complex. Dubbed Grappling Games 4, this tournament featured a surprisingly robust turnout for an event held during the holiday season with over 300 competitors showing up to compete one last time in 2014.

Highlights from Grappling Games 4 included a strong performance from Adeildo Jose Junior Show (Pinnacle / GFTeam) as he concluded his first year as part of the Texas BJJ win with black belt division wins over Jarrod Clontz and Shawn Key.

Likewise, there was plenty of action in other divisions as well with BJJ Revolution and Solis Martial Arts sending plenty of competitors to the podium.

Check out about 30 recorded matches below along with some photo highlights from the event.


Grappling Games 4 – Select Match Videos



Grappling Games 4 – Photo Highlights


See complete event gallery of 1,000 images + order prints and downloads via Mike Calimbas Photography.


Grappling Games 4 (13)

Big takedown in the nogi division.


Grappling Games 4 (7)

Jarrod Clontz goes for the guillotine.


Grappling Games 4 (18)

BJJ Revolution’s Alan Manser works to posture.


Grappling Games 4 (12)

AFC’s Jarrod Clontz competes in the gi.


Grappling Games 4 (4)

Side choke attempt in the blue belt division.


Grappling Games 4 (16)

Junior Show looks for his points.


Grappling Games 4 (8)

SMAA black belt Shawn Key confers with coach Alvis Solis.


Grappling Games 4 (14)

BVMMA coach and UFC fighter Bubba Bush coaches his student.


Grappling Games 4 (10)

Leigh Shultis with a painful knee on belly.


Grappling Games 4 (6)

Terri Reeve sets up a triangle.


Grappling Games 4 (3)

Zoe Jones goes for a kimura.


Grappling Games 4 (5)

Roberto Jimenez calmly takes the back.


Grappling Games 4 (15)

John Abney and Nathan Terrier jockey for position.


Grappling Games 4 (19)

Guard pull or takedown in the kids division?