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TXMMA Exclusive Interview with Rodolfo Viera and Bruno Bastos on the Eve of ADCC Worlds 2011

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DALLAS, TX, September 21, 2011 – If you’re a grappling enthusiast, then no doubt you’ve got your eyes peeled to this coming weekend as the prestigious ADCC Submission Fighting World Championships 2011 finally gets underway from the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham, England after two years in the making.

As we mentioned in yesterday’s article, Bruno Bastos – one of the very best competitors currently based in the Lone Star State – has been very as of late preparing for this event with the goal of winning gold in his second go-around at the world’s highest level of submission grappling. With three CBJJE World Cup Championships along with many other honors already under his belt, winning in the ADCC would definitely be icing on the cake for the Nova União mentor’s already accomplished career.

Joining him in North Texas in recent weeks has been none other than “The Terminator” himself, Rodolfo Viera of GF Team. This is a man that used to be known as “Caçador dos Faixas Pretas” (Black Belt Hunter) on the brown belt level before making his way to the Faixa Preta circuit himself where he’s continued to dominate. Winning his absolute AND weight this year at the World pro Cup, Pan Ams, and the 2011 Mundials, Rodolfo will also be going to the UK with eyes set on his own dream of making history by sweeping the global tournament circuit at the highest level – a feat comparable to only the loftiest of accomplishments in other sports, like winning all the majors on the PGA Tour or earning the Triple Crown in Major League Baseball.

With the two wrapping up their training camp in Dallas (alongside training partners like Brandon Quick, Travis Lutter, etc.) we spoke to both these well-prepared champions to get their thoughts before departing for England this afternoon.

There’s more info on how to watch the LIVE telecast from the ADCC at the bottom of this article but before then, we hope you enjoy this TXMMA Exclusive Interview with Bruno and Rodolfo.


Bruno and Rodolfo, thanks for giving us time to talk to you on the eve of such an important competition. How long have you guys been preparing for the ADCC?

Bruno Bastos – I’ve been training exclusively for this since July. I took some time off after the IBJJF Mundials this past June but ever since then I got right back onto training and all my focus has been on ADCC.

Rodolfo Viera – I’m been in training for ADCC for two-and-a-half months now and I’m trying to be as ready as possible for this challenge.


With the eyes of so many in the grappling world tuned in to this event, what is your mindset this week going into it?

Bruno Bastos – I feel that I’m ready for everything that could come my way over there. I want to make sure to win and I’m very happy that I get to make war over there.

Rodolfo Viera – My mind is focused on winning the ADCC this year. I really want to make history and win both my weight and the open class in the tournament.


What are you hoping to prove with your performance – to yourself or others?

Bruno Bastos – I want to prove to everybody that all the time Octagon MMA let me take off to prepare for this will make sense now. As for me, this is my dream… to WIN ADCC…

Rodolfo Viera – You know I hope to just make good fights and prove to myself I did the right training.


Is there any specific fighter you feel us the biggest threat in your category?

Bruno Bastos – There are so many guys so I can’t just say it is only one guy or another. But the current champ is Fabricio Werdum so he’s one I’m sure everyone else has their eye on.

Rodolfo Viera – I’ve got a lot of very good guys in my weight class! Going into this, I know that every fight will be like the final match. I’ve got to be ready for everything and everyone.


Rodolfo, is there any special significance with you wanting to face Roger Gracie in this event?

Rodolfo Viera – I wished to fight him in this tournament. Unfortunately, he actually won’t be competing this time so I need to wait a little more for that.


For both of you guys, what would a win at ADCC 2011 mean to you personally?

Bruno Bastos – It will mean that I had the power to make my dreams become true. After this, I can focus on the coaching side of my career.

Rodolfo Viera – It would mean that to be away from my family, friends, and everyone else training for this… It would have made sense and the sacrifice would have been worth it.


Is there anybody you’d like to thank that has helped you prepare for this?

Bruno Bastos – For sure I want to say thank you to my team at Octagon MMA, Shoyoroll, Nogi, the NOGI FALL CLASSIC tournament coming up in Dallas next month, Nova Uniao, and all people who helped with my preparation. Plus I cannot forget my wife who is so understanding all the time when I’m on the mats training for this instead of being with her.

Rodolfo Viera – I want thank GOD, my family and friends, all of GF Team, Koral, Bull Terrier, Igor Santos, Alberto Rodriguez for coaching my wrestling, and Bruno Bastos for the opportunity to training with him.


Thanks for the time guys. Any last words?

Bruno Bastos –Thank you for the interview! I’ll be around Texas with some seminars in October starting with Team Trinity MMA on October 1st and Epic BJJ on October 2nd. I hope to see a lot of you guys there to go train and get better together in this Jiu Jitsu life. OSSS!

Rodolfo Viera – Thanks for the interview TXMMA.com.


More Info on How You Can Watch the ADCC Worlds 2011


Good news guys! Thanks to the guys over at Budo Videos, the 2011 ADCC World Championships will be broadcasting LIVE on Sept 24th & 25th from Nottingham, England and it’s you can currently catch both days for only $24.95. a total steal if you ask us!

“Get a front row seat on Saturday & Sunday for a full weekend’s worth of grappling action from the best in the world. This event will run from early in the morning until the evening so stock up on your food and drink, invite some friends over and let the party begin! Get your PPV for some awesome blackbelt competition. The live broadcast will feature: Commentary from Shawn Williams, Caleb & Budo Jake and will be all in glorious HD!” – Click Here to Purchase!

Some of our favorites set to participate besides Bruno and Rodolfo include some of the crème de la crème of the BJJ world – guys like Rafael Mendes, Cobrinha, Marcelo Garcia, Kron, Romulo Barral, Pablo Popovitch, Xande, Cris Cyborg, Gabi Garcia, and many more.

Here’s the complete list of athletes set to participate in ADCC 2011. Below are what Bruno and Rodolfo are currently up against. Good luck guys!



► Fabricio Werdum (Brazil) *Defending Champion

► Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen. (Finland)

► Luke Costello (UK)

► Mick Wilson (Australia)

► Sekine Hideki (Japan)

► Rodrigo Artilheiro (Brazil)

► Glover Teixeira (Brazil)

► Mateusz Juskowiak (Poland)

► Jeff Monson (USA)

► Bruno Bastos (Brazil)

► Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (Brazil)

► Jarrod Bunch (USA)

► Vinny Magalhaes (Brazil)

► Geraldi Rinaldi (USA)

► Fereira Jose Junior (Brazil)

► Alexander Trans (Denmark)



► Xande Ribiero (Brazil)

► Kari Peltola (Finland)

► Joseph Lee Baize (USA)

► Igor Praporshchikov (Australia)

► Animal Anzai (Japan)

► James Poupolo (USA)

► Augusto Ferrari (Brazil)

► Kamil Uminski (Poland)

► Lucio “lagarto” Rodrigues (Brazil)

► Rodolfo Viera (Brazil)

► Joao Assis (Brazil)

► Dean Lister (USA)

► Radek Turek (Poland)

► Antonio Peinado (Brazil)

► James Brasco (USA)

ADCC World Championships 2011 – Event Preview


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