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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Eduardo Ramos of Atos and Elite MMA – Part 2!

Ed Ramos and Hai Nguyen

HOUSTON, TX, August 17, 2011 – For this week’s TXMMA Technique of the Week, we go back to Elite MMA  to feature Eduardo Ramos of Atos one more time before he leaves the academy where he’s been teaching all summer long.

If you haven’t read our first feature of his techniques, Mr. Ramos is a 2011 Pan Am Champion, 2011 European Champion, and 2011 World Pro Gi champion along with many other accolades he”s attained internationally and in his native Brazil,making him undoubtedly one of the top  -65KG grapplers in the world along with his teammates, the Mendes Brothers.

Throughout the course of his entire summer stay in the Houston area, Eddie and Elite MMA Instructor Hai Nguyen have been posting a series of vignettes showcasing some of the moves that’s made Eddie one of the top competitors in the world. They do a good job of explaining so we’ll just get to it and post the vids that weren’t previously featured in our last go-around.

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Half X-Guard Sweep

Passing the Guard off the Skirt Grip

Rolling Backpack Attack

Cartwheel Shoulder Pass

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