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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Alliance’s Raul and Roberto Jimenez

By TXMMA Staff


Father-Son duo just two members of a complete family that lives the BJJ lifestyle 24/7


10636080_10152457125190980_7352776001601646983_nSPRING, TX – If you’ve been involved with the Texas BJJ scene in any way, shape or form, chances are you’re familiar with the Jimenez family. Based out of Spring (North Houston) where they run the Alliance Team Gacho academy, the Jimenez family is a constant on the tournament scene. All four of the family members (Raul, Gabby, Roberto and Mattias) compete often and they perform pretty well. And when they’re not competing, you’ll find them working – whether it be as a referee, table worker, ring coordinator or whatever else they can do to contribute to BJJ. In short, their level of commitment to the sport is amazing and this is exactly the type of family one could categorize as embodying the BJJ lifestyle.

Recently two members of the Jimenez family, Raul Jimenez and his son Roberto Jimenez, were able to demonstrate a few of sequences for this TXMMA Technique of the Week feature.

As strong believers (and teachers) of the modular system used within the world champion team at Alliance, Raul and Roberto are consistently tackling real life situations with a progressive style of grappling that leads to multiple submission options. In short, they don’t just drill one move at a time but rather attack situations sequentially in order to condition themselves for attack at all times.


Check out the videos below for two good examples of this philosophy:


TXMMA Technique of the Week – Raul and Roberto Jimenez