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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Braden Masters and Dustin Snow

By TXMMA Staff


Genesis Jiu Jitsu assistant instructors share a little bit of their game for the TXMMA Community


1620928_628965257158606_1137762180_nFORT WORTH, TX – The TXMMA crew recently visited Genesis Jiu Jitsu in the River Oaks section of Fort Worth. Owners Albert Hughes and Tony Tipton were not present at the time but assistant instructors Braden Masters (BJJ black belt) and Dustin Snow (BJJ brown belt) were. Both Masters and Snow are avid members of our Texas BJJ community, and also regular competitors on the regional tournament circuit. As is such, they were both kind enough to share several techniques for our readers.

Dustin decided to go with his bread and butter, which involves  submission setups predicated on fast movement and agility. Meanwhile, Braden decided to show a few maneuvers that suit his more top-heavy and pressure-based game. Either way, both guys show some cool stuff that you may be able to add to your game as well.

Check out some cool setups and submissions from these two G’s below:


TXMMA Technique of the Week – Braden Masters & Dustin Snow (Genesis Jiu Jitsu)