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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Girls in Gis Two-Year Anniversary Edition featuring Ashley Nguyen

HOUSTON, TX, August 23, 2011 – Before we get into this week’s technique, we at TXMMA.com just want to take a moment to congratulate the women Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners of Texas on a successful two-year anniversary of the Girls in Gis community.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the program, it was initially created by founder Ashley Nguyen two-years ago as a forum for the women BJJ’ers of Texas. The goal of the program was, and continues to be, empowering women by giving them a place to meet, share knowledge, and cultivate camaraderie in an environment outside of competition and free of school affiliations, etc.

Since its inception and through the participation of the women’s BJJ community itself, the Girls in Gis program has spread all over the state – from its start in Houston to Austin, DFW, San Antonio, Corpus Christie, and beyond. And so far, it’s bringing the community closer and closer together – which we love here at TXMMA.com!

A few highlight moments from the Girls in Gis Two-Year Anniversary this past Sunday:

40+ women attended the event, hosted at Elite MMA in Houston.

Women from all over the state were in attendance.

The women who attended varied from 8+ years of experience levels to some who were there for the very first time that day!

It was announced that Fight to Win / World Grappling Circuit has sponsored ALL participants of the 2YR event to compete for free at the upcoming September 24th 2011 Texas Open event! As such, that one should be one of the largest women’s BJJ tournaments this year!

Fenom Kimonos and founder Triin Seppel donated a brand-new custom Gi to be raffled off at the event – and it was won by Tara Arrington!

A very special mention of recognition to Shama Ko, who has been instrumental in spearheading the Girls in Gis movement. She even came in all the way from Austin despite being injured just to take pictures at the event and be there. Shama has also taken the initiative to create the Girls in Gis Facebook page and do a lot of the organizing that makes this thing possible. She’s truly an asset not just to Girls in Gis, but the BJJ community in general. Much love, Shama!

Pictures of the event are located here on TXMMA.com (view slideshow) and also on our Facebook Page for easy tagging, sharing, etc.

Here’s a sneak at peak at what you can expect at Girls in Gis via some neat techniques demonstrated by founder Ashley Nguyen this past Sunday.

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