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Jackson Fortunato (RGA Houston) – Bump Sweep and Bull Fighter Pass Counter

By Felix Rodriguez, Staff Writer
550325_492528130802320_1136166796_nIn this edition of our TXMMA Technique of the Week we feature Rilion Gracie Black Belt, Jackson Fortunato.

Professor Fortunato has been in charge of running the Rilion Gracie Academy of Houston, when Master Rilion is away from Texas, since first opening their doors in 2011. In the short period of time that they’ve been in Texas, RGA has helped produce champions in Gi and no GI jiu-jitsu as well as in mixed martial arts, assisting fighters like three-time amateur champion, ‘White Assassin’ Kolton Englund, who will be assisting Prof. Fortunato in both videos.

In the first part of our TXMMA Technique of the Week Prof. Jackson demonstrates how to set up a guillotine with a bump-sweep from closed guard. The bump sweep is one of the most traditional sweeps utilized in BJJ to go from guard to mount. A common way to counter the bump sweep is by controlling the person on bottom, and driving your weight forward to flatten your opponent and prevent them from generating momentum to tip you over. Begin by trapping the wrist on the side you want to sweep. Depending on your opponent’s reaction you will have the option to execute a kimura or shoot up for the bump sweep, the guillotine will become available by anticipating when your opponent will try to flatten you out in order to counter the sweep. Your opponent’s neck will become exposed for a guillotine by correctly timing the counter and shifting the hip towards the isolated arm, as you reach over the back of the head and under the throat, to lock the choke in. Make sure to control your leverage, create added pressure and restrict you opponent’s movement by placing a foot on the hip and draping your other leg around your opponent’s back. This technique is particularly effective in submission wrestling and MMA because a Gi’s lapels can often block the path of the arm and help your opponent buy some time to avoid the submission, but if done properly it is also very effective when training in the Gi as well.



For the second part of our TXMMA Technique of the Week Prof. Jackson shows a simple yet extremely effective way to counter the Toreana or Bull Fighter Pass and end up with your opponent’s back. Like with the guillotine set-up before, timing is everything to execute this counter. In order to block the pass it is crucial to anticipate when your opponent will swing your legs to pass in order to prevent this from happening by basing out with one hand and controlling your opponent’s hips with the other. Attaining this position will allow you to escape your hips and pull your leg out to create a scramble. The combination of your arm controlling the opponent’s hips and the power derived from the based arm and extended leg will create enough momentum to allow for the person on bottom to spin around and take the opponent’s back. As always practice the techniques shown here with safety and respect for your training partner.



For more information on Master Rilion Gracie and the RGA Academy of Houston visit their website at www.riliongracie.com.