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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Robert Yamashita with the Helictoper Armbar from Open Guard

Robert Yamashita (Elite MMA Baytown | Photo: Danny Nguyen, ssanceman.com


BAYTOWN, TX, September 26, 2011 – The TXMMA Technique of the Week is back! This week we go to Elite MMA Baytown, home of Texas black and brown belt competitors Frost Murphy, Jordan Rivas, Robert Yamashita, and Julian Vega!

In this segment, Robert Yamashita demonstrates how to attack with a helicopter armbar from open guard while providing detailed verbal instruction on how to do the move. Immediately after that, Jordan Rivas shows how to properly attack a triangle from closed guard. The video is set to music but you can still properly see the setup of the technique, proving once again that teaching isn’t just about verbal cues!

Note: Consistent Texas tournament circuit competitor Julian Vega appears in both videos. As you can see, he’s sporting a new belt. Congratulations from TXMMA.com on your new brown belt Julian. It’s well-deserved and we look forward to seeing you rock it in competition SOON!

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Robert Yamashita Demonstrates the Helicopter Armbar from Open Guard

Jordan Rivas Demonstrates the Triangle Choke from Closed Guard

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