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TXMMA Technique of the Week: Ronny Lis – Half-Guard Pass

By Nathan Stolzer, Contributor | Video by Patrick Jaeckle


American Fightsport head coach and third-degree BJJ black belt Ronny Lis demonstrates a pass from half-guard.


Austin, TX, October 27, 2013 – Brazilian born Austin resident Ronny Lis has over 18 years of experience training BJJ and is a third degree black belt under Grandmaster Deoclecio Paulo. Lis started training under Master Deo in 1995, earning his black belt in 2005. Moving from his hometown of Brasilia to Austin in 2009. Since then, Lis has opened up American Fightsport where he is the head coach and has many affiliates of Ronny Lis BJJ throughout Texas. He’s an avid competitor and some of his accomplishments include being a four time national champion in Brazil and four time champion in the NAGA mens black belt division.


TXMMA Technique of the Week – Pass from Half-Guard


In this TXMMA Technique of the Week, Professor Ronny demonstrates a pass from half-guard, if your opponent has shrimped out to the side and has a grip on your back. Lis begins this pass by threading an overhook directly under the elbow on the arm that has a grip on his back, almost forming a straight armlock. After securing the arm Lis proceeds to post on his free leg for balance. Lis then takes a grip on sleeve of the arm he has not secured with the same arm that is threaded through. Once the grip is secure, Lis posts his head onto the mat and starts shaking his trapped leg in order to pass, using his free leg to push on the half-guard if necessary.