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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Shawn Key’s scissor sweep details

By TXMMA Staff


Presa BJJ’s Shaw Key (Iron Mantis) showcases Scissor Sweep Variations


keyCONROE, TX – As of recently, Shawn Key and his Iron Mantis Academy recently affiliated with the PRESA BJJ team headquartered in Corpus Christi under Prof. Aurelio Gallegos. For those of our readers who don’t know of Presa (formerly part of Paragon BJJ), they’ve got a reputation for producing tough competitors with sound technique. Likewise, Shawn Key has the same mindset and focuses on basics before anything in order to build a solid grappling foundation.

In this edition of the TXMMA Technique of the Week, Prof. Key expounds on his philosophy by showing a few variations of the scissor sweep (simple sweep), a key technique to learn for any new BJJ practitioner. Enjoy.