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TXMMA Technique of the Week – Lucas and Tyler Brennan

By TXMMA Staff // Mike Calimbas // Mike Calimbas Photography


Second-generation combat sports athletes Tyler and Lucas Brennan showcase family techniques


1794746_500177363425610_1809947997_nFRISCO, TX, June 25, 2014 – If you’ve been around the fight game a while chances are that you know Chris “The Westside Strangler” Brennan. He’s a UFC, PRIDE, KOTC, and Shooto vet that’s set up shop in Texas recently as of last year. Now while the 42 year old retired from MMA competition he’s busy training the next generation as his new focus. And part of this means continuing his legacy through his 2 boys, Tyler and Lucas.

Tyler Brennan and Lucas Brennan have only been training for roughly two years, give or take.Since that time they’ve advanced quickly to win numerous titles in nogi submission grappling. The pair was also recognized in our TXMMA People’s Choice Awards for their outstanding work in 2013.

Check them out below as they share some cool techniques from a recent training session at NG MMA:


TXMMA Technique of the Week – Tyler Brennan’s One-Armed Kimura from North/South



TXMMA Technique of the Week – Lucas Brennan’s Counter to the Kimura Counter