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TXMMA Technique of the Week – UFC fighter Charles “do Bronx” Oliviera Demonstrates a Crucifix Neck Crank

HOUSTON, TX, June 20, 2011 -This coming Saturday, highly-touted UFC lightweight phenom Charles “do Bronx” Oliviera (14-1) will be making his return on the undercard of UFC Live: Marquardt vs. Story versus El Paso-born Nik Lentz (21-3-2) who curently resides and trains in Minnesota alongside former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk.

As a long-time student of storied 3rd degree BJJ black belt and Chute Boxe veteran Jorge “Macaco” Patino of Gold Team USA, Charles recently finished up camp for UFC LIVE with Macaco at Gold Team’s Houston headquarters.

While in town, Oliviera, his coach, and fellow Macaco pupil Erick Cardozo taught a three-hour seminar courtesy of his sponsor Dethrone for anyone wanting to attend – at only a $20 fee! For that price, seminar attendees were treated to a showcase of many of the techniques that has gotten Charles Oliviera to the UFC, including a variety of sweeps, passes, and an innovative assortment of lapel chokes (GI) along with some other creative maneuvers applicable to No-Gi and MMA.

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Step 1 – Charles Oliviera starts on top of Erick Cardozo in side control position. To maintain control, Charles is controlling the neck with his left arm while using his right arm to block off Erick’s far-side hip.

Step 2 – Notice that Charles’ own right leg is up on the (left) hip as well – preventing Erick from recovering his guard. From this position, Charles will use his forearm on the neck in concert with his knee to start turning Erick to the side.

Step 3 – Now that he has Erick turned to the side and potentially trying to run his hip away, Charles will then drop his right hip to the floor and working to slide his right leg underneath while trapping Erick’s left arm behind his back to attain the crucifix position.

Step 4 – Now that Charles has Erick’s left arm trapped (preventing him from running his hip away), Charles will work to secure his grip around Erick’s neck while simultaneously blocking off Erick’s left arm with his own foot.

Step 5 – Now that Charles has his grip secured tightly to put pressure on Erick’s neck while trapping him in place with the crucifix…

Step 6 – Charles will use his strong grip around Erick’s neck coupled will the leg keeping his body in place to apply pressure and finish the submission.


Photos  – Gold Team’s June 17th Seminar – Sponsored by DETHRONE

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