TXMMA – Texas Mixed Martial Arts

TXMMA Website / Migration Update

TXMMA website/upgrade update:

Hello everyone, just as an update, we will be launching the new TXMMA in just about 2 weeks. Not everything will be sorted out but all the important things should be good to go. There will be things “under construction” for a while but the photo gallery, forums, and so on will all be working – along with protection against fake/spam users. There will also finally be a live chatroom that works.

Other notes:

-STFC photos from Friday’s show will go up this weekend on the new/test site at www.txmma.com/wordpress.

-We will need contributors. The TX scene is at a big enough stage where we simply need more coverage. Luckily, with the new system, technically ANYONE can submit in a story they want to write up, on any event (pending editorial approval of course), but we would welcome a couple more trusted and experienced people to cover events in parts of the state that we arent currently able to reach consistently.

-Photographers! Well, if there happen to be a few people out there who both love MMA and want to shoot photo, AND can substantiate that they have shot at a professional or near-professional level, we would love to have more photo coverage in areas like the Panhandle, West Texas, Houston, and the RGV. Due to the nature of ringside photo and what it effectively requires, if you do not have an SLR capable of ISO1600 or higher, and do not have suitable lenses, you won’t have enough gun for the job. Lens-wise you will need a lens capable of a constant aperture of F/2.8 or faster (e.g. smaller F number) preferably a zoom (24-70, 70-200, or 50-150).

-Advertisers! Google Adsense will still be part of the mix but with the new system I will have better ability to directly list ads versus people having to deal with Google. If you are interested, contact me.

-IMPORTANT – due to the nature of how things have to be done to move over all of 8+ years of content on TXMMA (e.g. news items and all the catfighting on the forums over the years), *we will lose the next two weeks of new users and forum posts*. The database is being ported over to the new system and unfortunately there is not a way to do it live. Total downtime during the switchover will be less than a day. So, for new users during this period, unfortunately it’s likely you will have to register again, and I will give 24 hours warning before the switchover in case there’s something important people need to save off of the forums.

Thanks everyone for your patience and thanks as always to Mike Valentine, and hopefully you’ll all like how the new site runs when it goes live.