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Undefeated as an amateur, Adrian Yanez now set for pro debut

By TXMMA Staff


Top amateur prospect out of Houston prepared for professional career


HOUSTON, TX, March 5, 2014 – After an amateur run that culminated with four straight TKO finishes, Adrian Yanez is now ready to go pro. The 20 year old has worked hard to prepare for the pro ranks over the last few years. He works  with Metro Fight Club trainer Saul Soliz, someone who’s no stranger to working with top prospects. Adrian’s head never “got big” with each amateur win at this last level. Instead of gloating he’s just gone back to the gym and worked on tightening his game every time. He’s made strides on tightening up his striking game and wrestling to go with his ever-improving Jiu-Jitsu. He’s also shown he’s willing to take on tough opposition. His last opponent (Peter Caballero) was 5-0 when they met. He passed that test with flying colors and now he’s looking to move forward.

Adrian will step into the cage as a professional for the first time on March 14, 2014 at Texas City Throwdown. He’ll be taking on Richard Delfin, a 22 year old out of Arizona. We talked to him about the upcoming fight and here’s what he had to say:


TXMMA Interview – Adrian Yanez (Metro Fight Club)


318359_10150360046314293_486639741_nTXMMA: Good to see on you on this card coming up! That means you’re finally taking the step to turn pro. How does it feel?

Adrian Yanez: It still feels a little surreal to me. I’m excited to finally take another step to a dream of mine. Just can’t wait!

TXMMA: After six fights, why is now the right time for you to turn pro?

Adrian Yanez: Well I faced a variety of opponents as an amateur and was able to come out with convincing wins. I’m 20, dedicated, hardworking and in the best shape I’ve ever been in so, I feel ready.

TXMMA: You fought six times as an amateur and your last opponent in particular was fairly impressive. Out of all those experiences at the ammy level, what did you learn to take with you as you head into your pro career?

Adrian Yanez: To just fight. Point blank. Don’t be scared to do what you do best. If you second guess yourself one second that’s when everything goes wrong. So keeping a strong mind and doing what I do best.

TXMMA: Who was your toughest opponent in the amateurs?

Adrian Yanez: Honestly, physically my toughest opponent was Nico, but mentally it was Quentin Kiper. Nico just doesn’t stop he keeps coming forward. With Quentin there was the last minute opponent change and also some deep personal things going on.

TXMMA: Aside from this next win obviously, what are you hoping to accomplish off the bat. Do you have any specific goals for 2014?

Adrian Yanez: I’m really pushing to go 4-0 this year. Keep myself active and on fire with these fights. Just have to stay focused, keep on the grind, and fight hard.

294534_10150361927524293_256354468_nTXMMA: Your first opponent Keeton Gorton is also coming off a lot of experience in the amateurs (6-2) and is making his own pro debut. It seems like you guys have some similarities. What do you know about him?

Adrian Yanez: I actually saw that we had a lot of similarities as well. He comes forward and pushes pace just as I do. The only difference is just that he wrestles a little more and I defend against them more. He looks strong, fast and pretty crisp. I’d be stupid to look past him just as it’d be stupid for him to look past me.

Note: Keeton Gorton has since been replaced by Richard Delfin at the time of this writing.

TXMMA: How does the game change in terms of preparation and mindset for you in this fight?

Adrian Yanez: It doesn’t really change much, because I always try to be the best in what I do. My preparations for fights have always been hard but this has been the hardest, also my best preparation. My mindset going into fights has always been the same, go in and do what I’ve been trained to do, just that this one has been taken way more serious.

TXMMA: Do you think nerves will play a factor?

Adrian Yanez: I don’t think nerves will play to much of a factor. Amateur or pro, it’s still a fight except you get paid as a pro.

TXMMA: How do you plan on winning?

Adrian Yanez: I plan on winning in dominating fashion. I want to show that I was good amateur but a great pro. So dominating in technical fashion.

TXMMA: Any last words?

Adrian Yanez: This fight is going to be a scrap. He won’t back down and I definitely won’t back down so it will be one to watch. Also, I’d like to thank you for this interview. I’d also like to thank my Coach Saul along with Metro Fight Club, my Family who has supported. My extended family including the Serrano Family-friendly, my girlfriends family and to some fans I may have. Thank you.