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Undefeated Frank Trevino looking to make a point at UFC 188

By TXMMA Staff


Frank Trevino doesn’t mind underdog role; Out to prove his detractors wrong once again


a_FrankTrevino_300MEXICO CITY – Quietly in the UFC with a 12-0 record, Edinburg, TX native Frank Trevino has often been overlooked and underestimated throughout his career. Early on in his career it was because he was overweight. “He’ll never make it in MMA,” people thought. Later on it was because of where he was from. “He’s got a good record but he’ll never make it when he gets to the bigger leagues.” Spoken before he made the jump from RGV-based STFC to more nationally known Legacy FC. And finally, when he got to the UFC and faced Renee Forte at UFC 171, nobody gave him a chance yet again.

He won that fight last March to prove his detractors wrong again. And now this weekend he’ll be looking to do it all over again when he takes on Johnny Case at UFC 188. This bout takes places in Mexico City and is a pivotal fight for Frank. You don’t become “The Face of Mexican MMA” unless you win a fight like this. And that’s exactly what he intends to do.

“I feel good and I’m hoping to shut this boy up,” says Frank. “It feels great to fight in front of the Mexican fans in Mexico City and I can’t wait because I know I’ll have a lot of fans and supporters here.”

Despite a year long layoff, Trevino feels good as ever and ready for this fight. Like his UFC debut, most people are labeling him as an underdog once again but it doesn’t faze him. To him it’s fine. “I like showing people what I can do and show that I’m not no stepping stone.”

He’s made the weight cut from 215 to 155 as well. In an environment where fighters miss weight regularly, he’s made the sacrifices to make it work. It’s yet another element of who he is and his intent on always doing what he says he’s going to do.”

“Discipline is the main thing in martial arts and the key to it! People miss weight because they don’t want to suffer and like to wait until the last minute. I don’t do that. I get right to work when I need to and this fight is going to be the same thing. I will beat this guy like every other fighter I’ve faced, by outstriking them outworking them. He thinks I’m an easy fight now but come fight day we shall see!”

I want to thank all my sponsors and my fans for all the support they have given me. To all my Texans and Mexicans out there rooting for me, God bless u all and we will see u guys on FOX tomorrow night! Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!”