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Undefeated Radio – 2/24/12 Episode

SAN ANTONIO, TX, February 24, 2012 – If you haven’t checked out the Undefeated Radio show put on by TXMMA’s Raul Rangel and crew, then you’re definitely missing out. These guys not only know MMA but deliver it in a very entertaining fashion. Just listen to the first two minutes on iTunes and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Make sure your headphones are on though. It’s sometimes NSFW!


New Episode Summary




Direct Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/undefeated-radio/id442109144

New Episode – We are joined by MMA journalist Loretta Hunt; who talks to us about UFC Japan, Kenny Florian’s career, Dana White and Floyd Mayweather, and about the new season of Walking Dead and the upcoming season of Mad Men. We are also joined in studio with Rich Hernandez. He talks about his serious injury and recovery and makes his predictions on UFC 144. We then get a call from Collin Cantrell promoting Legacy on HDNet on February 24, 2012. Here is the link for our mp3 listeners.  Follow us on twitter @undefeatedradio and on YouTube.