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Undefeated Radio – 4/27/12 Episode

SAN ANTONIO, TX, April 27, 2012 – If you haven’t checked out the Undefeated Radio show put on by TXMMA’s Raul Rangel and crew, then you’re definitely missing out. These guys not only know MMA but deliver it in a very entertaining fashion. Just listen to the first two minutes on iTunes and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Make sure your headphones are on though. It’s sometimes NSFW!


New Episode Summary




New Episode – We start the show by introducing our new co-star Bobby Conyers then
recaping UFC 145 and Bellator 66. We then have Gilbert “Pitbull” Jimenez in studio as we start to interview UWF promoter Oscar Enriquez about Tournament of Warriors happening on May 4th in Corpus Christi, or you can view live on gfl.tv. We then talk  Gilbet Jimenez about him being on the upcoming tournament, his role o fight quest, surving a
gun shot to the head, and his son’s MMA career. Pitbull then proceeds to put all three of us in different chokes.

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