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UWF 4 Pre-Fight Interview – Kirk Hubble set to make pro debut against Omar Khosravi

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX, June 20, 2012 – Making his debut at the upcoming Ultimate Warrior MMA show on June 30th at the American Bank Center is a fighter by the name of Kirk Hubble. A baseball player ever since he was a little kid, Kirk took up MMA after gradually being exposed to the sport through experiences in Muay Thai and boxing.

He’s taken it progressively more seriously since then and now runs a gym called KO Sports in Corpus Christi. As for his own fight career, he’s prepared diligently for his pro debut by making the trek down to Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico a part of his preparations.

He’ll now look to capitalize on all that hard work when he takes on Houston’s Omar Khosravi (Silverback Fight Club) as part of the Tournament of Warriors undercard.

We recently spoke to Kirk to get his thoughts prior to the fight.


UWF 4 Pre-Fight Interview – Kirk Hubble (KO Sports)


Before we talk about the fight, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into MMA?

I was a baseball player and athlete my whole life, so when baseball was no longer an option I had a large competitive void to fill. I have always followed and had a deep affinity for the martial arts, and from the first moment on the mat I fell in love with the lifestyle and drive it provided me.

I see you run a gym down there in Corpus? Have you always been from the area?

I was born in El Paso but have lived in Corpus Christi since I was 2 or 3 years old. I grew up here and went to Calallen HS and it just seemed like the right place to open up the gym I currently run.

Is KO Sports a full-time gig for you? What other priorities do you have outside of MMA?

The gym is a pretty much a full-time gig, but I also coach select baseball and do hitting instruction for many baseball players in the area.

This fight at UWF will be your pro debut. How do you feel about that?

Yes this is my pro debut and can’t wait for my moment in the cage. I can draw upon certain experiences as an amateur that have helped me get where I am today. I have boxed and have taken Muay Thai amateur fights that have varied from knocking an opponent out in 30 seconds to having an all-out brawl with another, and then some technical battles too, but I learned a lot from all of them. It will help translate to what everyone will see June 30th.

What motivates you?

There are an avalanche of things that help motivate me every day to fight. Some of them would be the support I get from my family and friends, but all in all I really just love the competitive nature of it. I love fighting and have been through certain things in my life that have embodied the desire to push on regardless of the circumstances. Attack life because it’s going to kill you anyways.

What are some of your goals in the sport now that you’re going pro?

The goals I have set for myself are extremely high and cover a variety of aspects. The most basic being that I want to become the best I can be without comparing myself to others, and the obvious desire to fight in the UFC. I love helping kids and people I general with health and fitness and this gives me a great platform on which to do that. A healthier life is a happier life and since I’ve been in MMA I’ve led one and hope I can help initiate that with/through others.

What should the crowd expect from you on fight night?

The crowd should expect an exciting fight because I plan on displaying every aspect of the game I have developed. I don’t want to say I’m really great at this or that, but rather that I’m pretty good in many areas and extremely willing and looking forward to putting each on display.

What do you know about your opponent Omar Khosravi? Any predictions?

My opponent is supposedly a tough, strong kid with good hands. This will make for a good fight but I do like to push the gas pedal more and more through a fight and set a pace most can’t keep up with. With the game plan I have, I believe he will have to kill me to beat me, as I have a hard head and even tougher mental game.

What’s next for you after this?

Hopefully another fight as soon as possible. I haven’t really thought past this because I haven’t had time to even plan because my focus is aimed at June 30th and how bad I want to win. I will definitely be headed back up to Jackson’s for more training a couple weeks post fight though. I had a blast living with Cowboy and Leonard, and the training was other worldly!

Any last words before the fight?

 Be ready Corpus! I am ready for the cage door to shut behind me and let all the hard work pay off!