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West Texas in Focus – Luis Luna prepares for his next fight at 24/7 Entertainment: Wanted; June 30th in Odessa

SEMINOLE, TX, June 23, 2012 – West Texas will get a much needed dose of MMA action on June 30th when 24/7 Entertainment presents: Wanted hits the Far West Events Center in Midland, TX.

It should be another good one as promoter Fabian Butler has done his best to bring out top talent from the area for this one with fighters representing Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, and many other cities in the area.

We spoke to one of those fighters recently in the form of (Anselmo) Luis Luna (7-2).

Representing Jackson’s MMA and Warrior Elite, Luis feels like he has a lot yet to accomplish in MMA and has what it takes to beat anyone the big leagues have to offer. He’ll look to get there but in order to do so, he’ll have to get past Mitchell Hale (4-2), June 30th in Odessa.


24/7 Entertainment: Wanted Interview – Luis Luna (Jackson’s MMA / Warrior Elite)


How did you get into training MMA? Tell us a little bit about your history with this sport.

Photo – Cortni Gibbs/Envi Photography

I’m from a small town is West Texas. You grow up tough but unfortunately there aren’t many top level athletes to compete against. After I took out the “toughest” cat on the varsity football team, and the “baddest” guy on the oil rig, I knew it was time to challenge myself. My journey began at Warrior Elite and once I went pro, I joined the team at Jackson’s MMA.

 Any memorable moments so far in your career?

One time comes to mind. After working a 13hr day on the rig, I turned on the widescreen & seen some kid I already beat getting his ass kicked.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far in MMA?

Somehow, you can break a guy’s jaw and lose by decision.

Other than training, what else do you do with your time?

Riding Motorcycles. Harley’s, Rocket’s, & dirt bikes. Attending all the Biker Rally’s, Stunts such as Stoppies, Wheelies, Burn Outs…just typical Biker Shit.

What do you think defines you as a fighter?

My mentality is destroy from bell to bell. 3 rounds, 5 rounds, whatever. I was born to put a beat down on anybody willing to stand in my cage. After beating up some professional bums who somehow call themselves champions, I know where I belong.

How’s training been for this one?

My teams have me prepared to leave a body lying in the cage with a Staff of Doctors rushing in to check his vitals. My Sponsors have really came through this camp so thanks to: DLR Classic Services, Golden Fire & Safety, Hollander Quiroz Chiropractic, Mackenzie’s Welders, & Loyal Athletics for the Support!

What do you know about your 24/7 opponent Mitchell Hale?

He’s obviously not that smart. I’m going to finish this fight anyway I choose to.

What can the crowd expect from you on fight night?

The same thing as my last three visits to The Far West Event Center.

What’s next for you after this?

I’m going to pick up my badass, beautiful girlfriend and go missing until I get that next phone call.

Any last words?

Luis Luna is the #1 lightweight in the world outside the UFC. Nobody at 155 can last 10 minutes with me in the cage. Not the Legacy, Element, Shark Fights, or Bellator Champions. Nobody. Luis Luna, LunaMMA.com.